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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Pochettino and Trippier

Phil Neville, just like everyone else it seems, think we have a superb manager in Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino and feels he is essential to our future success.

"I absolutely love him, they are the best coached team in the league, I think they're a young team who are getting better and better.

"People keep saying about Kane leaving, Alli leaving, but they have got to keep hold of that manager because I think he is one of the best. 
"Trippier's made five chances today and he's had no opportunities at Spurs, this was only his third start.

'For someone that's only made three starts that was an unbelievable performance today."

He seems to be forgetting that there is life outside the Premier League, the 25-year-old (26 in September) right-back has played 1.103 minutes. He has 3 UEFA Champions League games, not exactly a nothing competition, 4 FA Cup ties and 2 Football league Cup ties as well as having a baby and being unable to get enough sleep.

Yes he has had to be patient and the press therefore start transfer rumours but Trippier is quite happy at Tottenham and has never been to the manager to ask to move or kicked up a fuss. 

I wrote a while back that we need to use the Kaizen approach to improving not just players, but every aspect of the club, that every staff member should be looking to see how they can improve how they do their job, be it changing supplier or something they can do themselves. It was interesting to hear Mauricio Pochettino say the same thing in a post-game press conference.

We clearly think the same, the small things make a difference and lots of small things add up to something significant. The next few years are an exciting time for our club after many years in the doldrums.

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1 comment:

  1. I think for many of us that, having endured mediocrity for so long with only the occasional chance to shout from the rooftops, when success is just around the corner we want it to arrive ASAP.
    When Poch arrived I had a big question mark over his suitability (not on this blog) simply because his record with Espanyol and S’ton wasn’t anything to get excited about.
    But I remember that, when he left S’ton their players were more upset than the supporters and therein lies the secret of his success; the ability to communicate, earn respect and, above all, patience and self-belief… ‘in Poch we trust’.
    Those attributes don’t arrive overnight, more often than not they have to be learnt the hard way, from previous mistakes.
    Fast forward 3 seasons and those qualities (see player quotes) are paying off but it has required patience and along the way Poch has been learning as well.
    That rigid 4-2-3-1 set-up has been replaced with 3-5-2 and the flexibility to use both during a match.
    Yesterday was the perfect example; Victor’s not available so we set up as 4-2-3-1 but, as soon as we are in transition (we have possession), the wing-backs move forward and Eric drops back to form the defensive three. The tiki-taka is still there but now we also use the long ball.
    Lastly but not least Poch has become more proactive in his use of substitutes and, coupled with that, in the last few games we have witnessed an increase in player rotation (admittedly some of it forced through injury).
    It’s the little things, never being satisfied and always striving to improve which translate into success and when one witnesses the response of our supporters at games (they have an infallible instinct) then you know we’re on the right track.
    p.s. I love Japanese food but couldn’t find ‘kaizen’ on the menu….



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