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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Planning application that increases capacity to 61,599


Architect's drawing of Sputs stadium 1934

There has been a small planning amendment for the new stadium being built around our beloved ground at the moment which would increase the capacity to 61,599. The amendments are for changes to Level 8 to serve the Sky lounges and to increase the height of the internal roof ring. These were submitted on 07 April and are due for consultation on 02 May.

Proposed non-material amendments to inner edge of roof profile. Rationalisation of maximum operational capacity to 61,559 (from 61,461 as originally applied for).

Link to Document Reference Number HGY/2017/1106: Haringey Council Planning Services

The stadium does seem to have risen at a rapid rate throughout the season after not being above the ground a year ago. It would be nice to know if Haringey are up to date with their end of the bargain and have the surrounding infrastructure in place for our opening.

Was the months delay in announcing Wembley to put pressure on the council, there isn't any hope of the stadium being ready and it could delay works if we remained at White Hart Lane another season. The old stadium has to go so hanging onto it for sentimental reason for a season isn't a good idea.

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  1. I would imagine that the Spurs board will want to see the project ahead of schedule at this point so that they have a window to cope with unforeseen delays once they commit to the Wembley move.



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