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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Only team in PL with 3 goalscorers in double figures


Let's kick off the day with a few stats.

Spurs are the only team with three goal scorers in double figures in the Premier League this season which tells you a lot about the distribution of goals and the off the ball movement we have. At Southampton the front four interchanged and we have the wide men cutting in and becoming a goal threat. It is why Erik Lamela couldn't adapt for two seasons, he didn't come inside into scoring positions when not in possession, he hid.

 Harry Kane (19 goals, 4 assists)
Dele Alli (16 goals, 6 assists) 
Son Heung-min (11 goals, 7 assists)

Christian Eriksen has 7 goals and 11 assists.

Spurs' Premier League home form this season Most points: (44) Most wins: (14) Best goal difference: (+31) Fewest conceded: (8)

Spurs goal difference is currently +42, our highest ever in the Premier League.

Watford manager Walter Mazzarri on Spurs: "Phenomenal - they have everything"

Dele Alli has been directly involved in 14 goals in 13 Premier League games for Spurs in 2017 (10 goals, 4 assists). 88 appearances, 29 goals, 13 assists, quite some record.

Incredible that some people wanted us to sell Kieran Trippier and Son Heung-min last summer!

Kieran Trippier Stats
65 touches 5 key passes Assisted Son's 2nd goal All 3 Premier League assists in 2016-17 v Watford


  1. Adding in pre-season & cup games....
    HK 24
    Dele 19
    Sonny 18
    CE 11

  2. Got as far as nonsense comment about Lamela, stopped reading.

  3. I have to say, he's usually pretty spot on about mentality of players etc. But I think he's got it wrong on Lamela, I get why he thinks that, the way he played could be (if you're looking for it) perceive as mentally weak but I think he's judged it wrong. It was injuries and adaptation that was difficult but hiding isn't something this boy does and I wish the writer would consider that their may be a different way to perceive this situation. IMHO the writer is so clear on his opinion with regard to mentality and it seems to be somewhat of an obsession (which is fair, I too am slightly obsessed with the subject which is why I'm always on this site) in which case I think sometimes the writer will seek an issue regarding mentality when there may not be one. In the Lamela example I think this may be the case.

  4. I did my research on hip injuries as Totle suggested I did….
    There’s a lotta stuff out there and the research appears to focus on new materials for the ‘prothesis’, prothesis being a new joint or material that is added to the existing joint.
    I have seen nothing on the web that indicates what type of surgery Erik has undergone.
    From the photos that appeared he clearly went back to Argentina to undergo his surgery but what we’re talking about here is the future ability of the ‘prothesis’ to perform under the pressures of top class football.
    To illustrate that ceramics, for example, have been used to reinforce the joint faces and have shown no signs of wear but can shatter when subjected to extreme forces!
    In other words the jury’s out and I’m not sure Clive that you should be pronouncing a verdict before they return…



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