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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

No fear football on Saturday

No fear from Spurs

Spurs are the only team challenging them for the Premier League title, we were the only team challenging Leicester City last season and now the top two teams in the league are meeting in the FA Cup semi-final, having met in the League Cup Final in 2015.

Belgian centre-back Jan Vertonghen sees nothing to fear from our opponents at the weekend.

“We will play with a lot more confidence. Chelsea back then like now looked very strong and solid. I think we have improved a lot since then [2015]. 
“They [Chelsea] have played great and obviously Eden [Hazard] is a very special player but we have played against him this season and we have played against Chelsea this season and we won. 
“Obviously we lost away but I think our first half there [at Stamford Bridge] was maybe our best of the season and I think we’ve got nothing to be afraid of. 
“I think we have proved already we can beat big teams, we have done that last year we have done that this year. I don’t think we have got anything to prove on Saturday.
“I think we can reach the same level [at Wembley] as we do at White Hart Lane, we’re going to try."

Former Blues boss Jose Mourinho masterminded a tactical 2-0 victory over Chelsea on Easter Sunday and highlighted what he felt was the key to stopping them.

"We gave them double problems - problems when we had the ball and problems when we recovered the ball because we were really sharp and fast and aggressive in our transitions. 
"Mourinho added that the key to Manchester United beating Chelsea was eliminating the threat they posed through Eden Hazard and Pedro working behind Diego Costa and also their effectiveness in wide positions on the counter-attack."

Now Pochettino has beaten Antonio Conte before, we outplayed them at White Hart Lane and last season we used Christian Eriksen to take their defensive shield away from in front of the centre-backs exposing them to attack. They couldn't live with us in the first half but made tactical changes in the second half that made a difference. We conceded goals at the wrong times and will have to execute our plans better if we are to come out on top again.

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