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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Newcastle and West Ham raids

7th richest club in the country and the West Ham wannabees in trouble

Speaking about Newcastle United being the 7th richest club in the country, now a Championship side of course (the previous article), they appear to be in a further spot of bother the way they are run.

They are not alone. West Ham United, but then that is no surprise given Karren Brady's dodgy at best answers to The Select Committee on Olympic and Paralympic Legacy.

Both have been raided by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Together with the Police, they have raided the offices of Newcastle United and West Ham football clubs over suspected Income Tax and National Insurance fraud.

The Managing Director of Newcastle United Lee Charnley has reportedly been arrested as part of the investigation. There are reports others have been arrested too as part of the investigation that is looking at transfer activity.

The Newcastle United training ground, Darsley Park, has also been raided. Apparently, 50 HMRC officers raided the Olympic Stadium at 8 am this morning and West Ham have had to hand over documents which they are cooperating with.

This all follows on from the HMRC saying just a few months ago that 43 players, 12 clubs in British leagues, and 8 agents were being investigated. The HMRC investigating deals/ agents + players fees and image rights, going back 7 years.

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  1. I knew a deluded obsessed spud would be all over this sort of takes away you lot bottling mode trophies doesn't it pmsl. All clubs are getting investigated so let's wait and see what they find in dodgy Daniel levy's office :-)

  2. And for the record west Ham are the 7the richest club in the country. You can't even get that right pmsl

    1. You might want to add a link in there for that. I looked ( and the best I could find was you were ninth. Strangely, that same article lists Newcastle United as seventh. It's almost like Clive knows exactly what he's talking about and you, well, don't.

      It's not actually yourself that you're pysl at is it?


  3. don't forget there were four arrests as a result of spurs espionage during their bid to level the olympic stadium. and weren't a couple of levy's lackeys jailed? step down from the moral high ground - it doesn't suit you.

    1. I wonder if you stepped down from that moral high ground yourself when the boot WAS on the other foot? Hard to check when you post anonymously though ;-) It's almost like the hypocrite accusing of hypocrrisy. Now that's irony.


  4. just hope the 3 stooges get banged up they are not interested about west ham only what they can stash in the way of cash in the long run they done the same at birmingham now same at west ham when they sold upton park they got the 50mill back so west ham cost them nowt i hope for your sake west ham dont go the same way as brum good luck C.O,Y.S

  5. People in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones...Does "espionage" ring any bells, my Lillywhite friends? No one from West Ham has been charged; innocent 'till proven guilty; and if we're all really honest "wannabees" really sums up the Tottenham bridesmaids more than West Ham. Getting your jollies from knocking others just leads to the question: Why do Spurs fans suffer from such a huge sense of insecurity?...Good luck on Saturday, chuckle.



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