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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

New 2017/18 kit for sale in America


Well, I have been bringing you news of new Spurs kit leaks for the 2017/18 season and let you know it will be from the Nike Federation Template with a blue stripe down the side from what my research ascertains.

I have shown you examples and seen releases from creative designers showing the world their design skills. Fashion is a big industry afterall and a new kit is a chance for unknown talent to put their work out on social media for influential people to see. No doubt they are hoping to get snapped up.

Now I have seen this new kit before but there is a US website selling what they claim is the new Spurs kit for 2017/18. I hope it is because it is rather nice, far better than the last effort we saw which was found in Turkey, unfortunately Turkish shirts are often right.

While the Turkish shirt has a blue strip down the side this kit does not and a read of the technical details is off-putting as well.


Inspired by Nike's most recent jersey designs and Tottenham's legacy, the home shirt included in this set of Nike Spurs jerseys is white with navy sleeves and a navy collar. The front shows a pretty intricate graphic that incorporates the club logo in a pattern of diagonal pinstripes. This was inspired by the famous Hummel 1985-86 Spurs shirt.

Incidentally, while I'm showing the website concerned, if you head over there you can buy an England shirt and the current Tottenham shirt for £19.99 plus shipping I presume, which would still work out cheap. The shipping as far as I can see is £9 and Premier League badges are £2 extra.

If you bought one shirt, which looks rather nice anyway, with badges and shipping, that would be £27.90 and you can pay that for a fashion top anyway.

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  1. That's fake too.
    Look at club badge and shadow badge on shirt is against prem rules.

  2. That's fake too.
    Look at club badge and shadow badge on shirt is against prem rules.

  3. pushing illegal fake sales? funding criminals



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