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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Lloris has no interest in backwards steps to Man U or PSG


I see yet more garbage is being written about a summer tug-of-war for Hugo Lloris between PSG and Manchester United.

That, of course, is complete rubbish, just the sort of thing you would expect from our gutter press and the websites that simply repeat it. There is no tug-of-war because he isn't leaving Tottenham and hasn't the slightest intention of doing so.

His bond, as I have continually reported since these reports surfaced 2 years ago, with Mauricio Pochettino is strong. They see football in the same way and that means Lloris is very happy at White Hart Lane.

Manchester United is a step down currently in Premier League terms and French football is doesn't offer competitive football weekly. You don't see world class players electing to join French teams, unless it is for money. Typically that is what our gutter press base their story on, the fact he can earn more money elsewhere so he must want to leave.

Lloris has only very recently said he'll remain at Tottenham while Pochettinoi is here which shows the story up for what it is, fabrication.

Hugo Lloris will be the Tottenham captain and number one next season.

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  1. "Backwards step"? Man utd in the championship is a 100x greater than Tottenham. Man united could sign players if they were in the championship that Tottenham couldn't even dream of even if they were to win the UCL, something we all know is never gonna happen because you don't win it simply by being a mediocre club that feels much bigger than it really is. & you were saying about PSG?


    2. Yeah "Backwards step" Lloris would be better off going to China, because Man Utd has turned into its English equivalent. Over paid players no champions league just its history. The manager you have at the moment might have won quite a few PL titles but at the moment he is happier just verbally abusing his players. As the wise man once said you can take a camel to water but you cant make it drink, you can take your players to Old Trafford but you cant make them play..

    3. Better pop home now pet getting late school in the morning

    4. Everyone but a delusional man u fans see it as a backward step. As others have pointed out i wouldn't swap a single man u player for any of ours and lloris will see that too. At his age if he does go it will be to a team which is a far better bet of winning titles than man u. Your era is over. Even Ibra and the special one can't make u any better than Moyes or van gall

    5. You seriously want to come out with that rubbish now Solomon? The last couple of years have completely passed you by then? I suspect you're in for a very painful realisation once your delusion evetually wears off.



  2. Alli or Pogba???
    Lloris or De Gea??
    Kane or Rooney??
    Eriksen or Marouane Fellaini??
    Walker or Valencia??
    Rose or Rojo??
    Dembele or Mata??
    Do you want me to go on...
    None of your team would get into the Spurs first team..Ibra might warm the bench until Kane gets injured...

    1. Spot on Tanju, there is not a single Man U player that would get in our first 11. Their only chance of getting Chanmpions League is to win Europa. They will finish below us again and they are a club on the way down, not a club on the way up!



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