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Monday, 10 April 2017

Like a racehorse Barkley needs a change


You have to laugh. I see it is being reported that Ronald Koeman has issued an 'ultimatum' to Ross Barkley, either sign a new contract or face being sold. That is hardly a ultimatum if you are happy to look elsewhere and change clubs.

Sign a new contract or we'll do what you want is the actual message. The England international, who should have left Everton before now to improve his career,e has refused to sign any new deal. If he really wants to improve as a player, then he has to train with better players, play with better players. He made a mistake not joining Manchester United when he had the chance and his career has stagnated.

Does he now have the mental motivation to become a winner? A winning mentality means you try to improve every day in training, you push yourself. Compare him to Dele Alli, which one has improved?

Dele has joined us and just keeps getting better, Barkley hasn't, he has been stagnant for years having burst on the scene. Like a racehorse being rejuvenated by a change of stables and a change of training methods, so Ross Barkley needs the same.

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  1. a very good player but whos place would he take ?

  2. If he keeps improving as he'd have to at Spurs, then who knows. There may well be scope for another talented youngster. Not a shoe-in by any means, but certainly not impossible FMPOV.


  3. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.



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