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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Lack of game reading skills suggest Janssen is not for Spurs


Good evening folks. Not content with trying to buy every Dembele we can find we have now started on the Janssen's it seems.

With Vincent Janssen at the club we thought he need a fellow namesake so have been taking a look at 26-year-old (27 next February) Swedish international (he has 14 caps) centre-back Pontus Sven Gustav Jansson.

My immediate question, especially when I see his age, is which foot does he use. Eric Dier, Tober Alderweireld, Cameron Carter-Vickers (who will undoubtedly play a greater part next season) are all right footed, Jan Vertonghen, Kevin Wimmer and Ben Davies are all left-footed.

If Kevin Wimmer leaves as is likely then we need a backup for Vertonghen, if Ben Davies is not going to be moved there, if we buy Luke Shaw. A lot of if's to cover several different eventualities. The point is we will be looking for a left-footed centre-back, not a right-footed one and this chappie is right-footed.

It might be a tiny point to some but to a coach it is a significant one, blocking crosses with your main foot means there is less room for error and it's these little things that improve a side. Attention to detail.

The 1.96 m (6 ft 5 in) tall Leeds United centre-back is on loan from Torino, for whom he has played 16 games. He joined Leeds on 18 August 2016 on a season-long loan with a clause to make the deal permanent at the end of the loan period. Since then, on 2 February 2017, Jansson signed a permanent three-year contract with Leeds worth £3.5 million which would officially take place when his loan expires at the end of the 2016/17 season.

It appears, through his agent Martin Dahlin, as if Janssen wants to play Premier League football next season with Southampton interested at £10 million. As usual with any player now it seems Tottenham, Liverpool, and Chelsea are thrown at the story, we must be watching every player on the planet!

"He has set his sights on playing in the Premier League next season, that much I can say.But right now he focuses solely on Leeds"

One potential problem. Kevin Wimmer is prone to get booked early in a game and walk a tightrope for the remainder. When you look at Toby Alderweireld and how he reads a game so well he doesn't have to foul, he has made just 7 all season, alarm bells ring when a defender regularly picks up yellow cards.

This chap Janssen has 13 in 32 Championship games and 14 in 34 games in all competitions. The Premier League is faster than the Championship, the players are at a different level so you would expect him to pick up more bookings.With that many cards, he can't be reading the game well enough. which suggests a ceiling to his ability level. The number of cards and the lack of game reading skills his bookings suggest are an issue.

We need defenders of the calibre of Alderweireld, not serial yellow card offenders. Players who concede free-kicks around our area are players who put us under pressure. Just look at Danny Rose a few years ago, he was diving into challenges left, right and centre, always giving away free-kicks and getting yellow cards. Now he stays on his feet, picks and chooses his challenges better. You want to be teaching those things to a young player, not a player of 26 or 27 who has had no Premier League experience.

He looks highly unlikely to be a player we would be purchasing to sit on our bench. If you are going to train someone in your way of playing, you don't really want to be doing that with a player who is going to turn 27 during the season. You want to be doing it with a younger player who has more years ahead of him and who you are therefore going to get more value out of, plus have an opportunity of receiving a greater transfer fee if that player happens to decide to leave.

Source: Expressen

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