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Friday, 21 April 2017

Kane: "Tottenham is home, simple as that."

The Premier League World Special programme on Tottenham Hotspur aired on Sky Sports 1 had a piece from Harry Kane where he was being interviewed and was asked the question:
Interviewer: "Describe Tottenham" Harry Kane: "Tottenham is home. Simple as that."

His response once again reaffirmed to manchester United and all the other clubs casting envious glances his way that he is where he wants to be, he ain't going nowhere.

A selection of Harry Kane's career Premier League goals, by club:
Stoke City 6 (7 appearances) 
West Bromwich Albion 6 (5 appearances) 
BOURNEMOUTH 6 (3 appearances) 
Arsenal 5 (4 appearances) 
West Ham United 5 (8 appearances)

Also in that 25-minute Premier League programme was Daniel Levy suggesting that you get more out of a home grown player who comes through the academy than you do a bought player, you get more loyalty.

He is exactly right and when the academy players see the likes of Harry Kane and Harry Winks playing in the first team it shows them that if they work hard enough and make themselves good enough they will get the chance to play, despite the fact they are young.

He reminded our plastic fans, those who only see a cheque book, that as a club we simply could not sustain spending tens of millions every transfer season and that we had to find another way to compete while still building the club.

Success doesn't come overnight. If there isn't a culture of success at a club then it has to be nurtured. As you should all know by now, mentality is everything in sport, mentality will take you further than you can otherwise achieve. Are these players more skillful than their predecessors, no, but they do have a far better mentality.

Last night on the Premier League programme there were constant references to mentality and belief in relation to the relegation fight. It was about belief and fear, fear paralyses and causes mistakes, it makes you play within yourself, belief makes you take the chance, be more adventurous and makes you play better, makes your team play better.

Harry Kane didn't have the physical attributes when he was young, but he had a burning desire and it is that desire more than anything else which has taken him to where he is today. It is the same burning desire that Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale possess, it takes a player to another level.

Tim Sherwood was once asked who were the best trainers during the period where he pointed out to Daniel Levy that we had a group of players who were only here for the money, he answered Harry Kane and Andros Townsend

Since 2014/2015 Harry Kane has: 3x PFA Young Player of the Year Nominations 3x PFA Player of the Year Nominations
3x PFA Team of the Year 1x Young Player of the Year Trophy
66 Premier League goals in 96 games

If you haven't seen the Premier League World Special you can watch it here:
Tottenham Hotspur World Special

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