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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for Janssen?

I can't deny I was a pro Vincent Janssen man when we signed him and have been disappointed that his game hasn't developed as fast as we would have liked or adapted to the Premier League as fast as we would have liked.

Mauricio Pochettino has been taking him off when he does get a start or coming on with little time remaining to do anything worthwhile. Throughout that he has run around and tried (memories of Harry Redknapp and Roman Pavlyuchenko spring to mind).

Poch has given him a public dressing down in so much as he has told the media he has to try harder in training (same thing going on with Jose Mourinho and Luke Shaw at the moment) and the Dutchman has responded. He is only young and this is only his second season of top flight football so while it was looking as though he may depart, perhaps he may yet stay, he says he wants to.

Recently I have seen signs that he is coming to terms with things, there isn't a dramatic change, he was always good at holding up the ball with his back to goal and bringing teammates into the game. Last night, again with his back to goal, he produced a lovely flick to put Son Heung-min in to score and put us 2-1 up.

Had that flick come from Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen or Dele Alli the studio pundits would be eulogising about that moment, as it was Janssen though, he hardly got a mention. The Spurs fans at the game knew who was the hero. They were singing his name at half-time, wanting him to come on for Moussa Sissoko (unsurprisingly) and again at full-time.

The 22-year-old (23 in June) had made the second goal and collected the ball our of our defence, beating his marker to the ball, holding it up and playing us in down the right-hand side where Dele Alli played a sweet ball into the path of the onrushing Christian Eriksen to slot home our third.

He didn't score but made a significant contribution and could go home a happy man. Both his Premier League assists have been for Son to score and have come in 725 minutes across 22 games.

In total this season he has played 1,247 minutes, equivalent to 13.85 games and scored 5 goals with 4 assists. His goals have come every 249 minutes while a goal or an assist for a goal has come every 138 minutes. When looked at in those terms his contribution isn't perhaps as bad as it first appears.

Does he still have a future at Spurs? The season is running down and time is running out to show the fans more on the field.

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  1. "Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit" - Molière

  2. Like Clive I was very enthusiastic when he joined in the Summer. I've been disappointed but never felt he was taking the piss. He always seems to do all he can. I'd love to see him stay on and bear great fruit.

    OTOH Dele's fruit is among the best around and we had to wait not at all for that to grow.


    1. On Deli: He grew up in the English system. See Jan Vertonghen's explanation on Spurs' website of the stark differences and difficulty in trying to transition from Dutch ball to English ball ... or my entry below paraphrasing him. Coys!

    2. Sorry - the evil spell check changed "dele" to "deli" ... which is a feast either way ... ;-)

  3. He'll come good. But don't expect him to be like Kane unless we change the way we play. He's forte is in the penalty box poaching scruffy passes and rebounds. Don't expect a highly elegant player like Kane. If we don't change the way we play with him on the field, he'll always struggle. I don't think it's easy for him to learn our system... it's not his style. As much as I like him, I think the fit is wrong.

  4. Vertonghen explained Janssen this way on Spurs website (to paraphrase): In the Dutch league, the style of play is much more open and always attacking, so a defensive focus is not nearly as emphasized nor nearly as physical as it is in the EPL. Attackers are given, and are use to, much more space to work in on a regular basis, match after match. Since the high goal tallies of a Janssen (or a Jozy Altidore), before trying the English game. Vincent is now up against squads that play a very focused, tight and physical defense. It's new to him. Now my two cents: I've heard comparison with Soldado, but that comparison stops quickly short at goal tally only. Contrary to Soldado, Janssen is very good at holding the ball up, playing "big target" attacking football, and serving balls to his mates running on (as we saw well vs Swansea). Because of this "pre-existing" trait, I can see him getting the better of the English defenses over time. But there it is ... time.

    1. The irony of discussing "the toughness of the English defensive game": The best defense in the league currently sits on Spurs shoulders, managed by an Argentinian w/ two dutchmen in the center ... ;-)

    2. Irony indeed. You're clearly a man of intelligence and wit.

      It's also a very good point about the Dutch league. At the time there were many comments about Dutch strikers looking great until they flop on the shores of The Premier League. Many predicted the same for Janssen.

      I suspect the truth is that he needs time to acclimatise and then time will tell if he really has what it takes or needs to go somewhere less strenuous than the Spurs front line.

      I believe the big difference between him and Soldado may prove to be his attitude. Bobby certainly tried, but didn't seem to have that winner's belief, so ultimately failed - bless him. Let's hope Janssen can show more. I agree he seems to be starting to.

      How popular could he be when he starts scoring regularly do you think? Wearing his heart on his sleeve, and the badge on that, he could well be a WHL darling.

      Let's hope. COYS!!

  5. Janssen didn't score today but I felt he contributed well to the overall performance. If things keep going in the same direction for him then he'll do it.




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