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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Gareth Bale tells Spurs youngsters what they need to do

Gareth Bale in an exclusive interview with the Telegraph spoke about what it takes to become a youngster footballer and not just someone who gets to a certain level and plateaus.

“You’ve just got to listen to what experienced people are telling you. You’ve obviously got to listen to what they want you to do in training and in matches and commit to improving every aspect of your game. Now that sports science is more advanced we know that there are so many off-pitch factors that can affect how good you can become. If people are telling you to sleep a certain number of hours, eat specific foods and drink a certain volume of fluids then you have to be prepared to listen and learn.”

The key there is 'commit to improving every aspect of your game'. It sounds simple but it isn't. The average player, the player who can still earn a Premier League career but never take the jump to the next level, maintains his skill level.

A player with a true winning mentality never settles for what they have, they are always looking at any way they can improve their game, both on and off the pitch. For them it is a 24 hour a day profession, everything off the field is considered in res[ect of one the field performance and will it affect it.

It takes a certain type of dedication and Mauricio Pochettino is endeavouring to get the Tottenham squad to see that. It has helped us take our game to the next level without the expense of buying the finished article. Some youngsters are not going to come up to the mark, they don't commit fully to improving and thus they get sold to develop elsewhere.

We don't need to carry passengers. Clinton N'Jie didn't make it, Georges-Kevin N'Koudou is struggling, Moussa Sissoko is another one. We can pick and choose, sample and discard while retaining the creme de la creme, players like Dele Alli, Harry Winks and Harry Kane.

A player with the improving mentality of Gareth Bale or a player with the mentality of Moussa Sissoko who has had ample time to show what he can do. There will be fans who make excuses for players who don't perform but there is no excuse if you are a winner.

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