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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Federation style Spurs kit leak


I have recently written a couple of articles on our new kit for next season bringing you a kit that I didn't think looked genuine as it was way to similar to the one we have now. Clearly a graphic designer with limited imagination had come up with that one, certainly if I were after one, and this is why these people create them, then I wouldn't hire one who didn't show his creative side.

Article: Another New Spurs Kit Leak 2017/18

Still, that is all very personal and perhaps I'm not the market he or she is after. Anyway the next article was about our kit being based on Nike's Federation Template and I showed some examples of that, the England kit and the French away kit from 2015/16.

Article: Federation Style New Kit

A shirt has been found in Turkey I though you might like to see as it is similar to the Federation template and it does have the strip down the side, a strip that will appear on our new kit.

Yuck is my first thought, followed by the colour of the top band in grey, if it were navy blue I'd have more faith. As it is I'll reject it as a fake.

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  1. better than yesterdays shirt

  2. Why do kits need such over design? The best are always the ones which are white all over like that last Puma one from 2011/12 and the first UA one from 2012/13 from the more modern ones. This is a much classier look than having strips and stripes of yellow, navy etc. Simplicity is key!



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