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Monday, 17 April 2017

Federation style new kit


Tottenham have a shirt deal with Nike and with another, almost certainly fake kit leak, news which I brought to you via the Spurs Kit Leak 2017/18 Season article, discussion has begun whether a kit is important or not.

Some seem to think a shirt deal with Nike means they sell the shirts and we get a cut of the profits, yet Spurs have outlets of their own and sell the shirts as well. There is a fanbase around the world who want to see a shirt they like, to encourage as many to buy as possible.

Tottenham is a worldwide brand, it is a major company and thus everything about it must signify the club ethos, must adhere to the club mission statement and must promote quality. Everything is part of our identity and a shirt or kit is a very visible too to market a brand. The design of it is important in those regards.

We already know there is to be a redesign of the crest, our emblem being put inside an old style shield, just a part of how the kit will differ from the one we have now. Any kit leak you see of a similar design to the existing shirt you can immediately completely dismiss, Nike will want to set themselves apart from Under Armour, not blend in with them.

From what I understand we are having a shirt based on their 'Federation' template, which is the shirt England use. That basically suggests the shirt will be white, perhaps with blue sleeves and a dark blue stripe down the side. That is what I'm expecting to see when it is eventually announced. Something similar to the shot below perhaps, but with our colours.

Their Federation shirt encompasses the sleeves where the existing shirt doesn't and if the yellow is removed it again becomes something different. Moving any blue back onto the shoulders makes it less prominent than the current shirt or it could be removed altogether to look something like the old 2015/16 French away kit, with a blue stripe of course.

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  1. I'm very disappointed to hear that our shirt may follow the federation template, I won't buy an England shirt while it's made by a non-English manufacturer but even if I would the federation template would stop me buying it because of the monotony of the design, it's laziness on the part of Nike and with the cost of their shirts (combined with the few £s it costs to manufacturer them) I think that England and English clubs should demand more from their kit supplier than this crap.
    I wish the supporters (of both England and Spurs) would refuse to buy these kits, we deserve better.

  2. i dont like this one at all



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