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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Double the valuation


Kicker magazine are the German outfit suggesting Bayern Munich are interested in buying 26-year-old (27 in May) Kyle Walker to take over from the retiring 33-year-old (34 in November) German international right-back Philipp Lahm.

Carlo Ancelotti is trying to convince the 113 capped Lahm to extend his career with the perennial Bundesliga champions. Bayern Munich technical director Michael Speschke was at Wembley for both FA Cup semi-finals which only fuels rumours.

The magazine suggest Walker might be acquired for £15.34 million (€18m - AUS$26.11m - US$19.67m) but transfermarkt (who undervalue players usually) have him valued by their algorithm at £17 million (€19.95m - AUS$28.94m - US$21.80m). I think the Germans would have to double the transfermarkt valuation.

Another rumour circulating is that Walker is very happy at Spurs and doesn't want to leave, his wife, however, is tired of London.

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