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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Did you enjoy the Middlesbrough fans singing, what fun

You're just a shit Tottenham Hotspur

Middlesbrough fans were singing "You're just a shit Tottenham Hotspur" to the Arsenal fans and players last night. That must have been particularly galling knowing they were right.

WengerWe are going to play like Spurs tonight with 3 at back. Giroud " I want to be Harry Kane" Ozil "I'll try to be Dele" Koch "bags Toby"

I see former Liverpool centre-back and now Sky studio expert Jamie Carragher has been saying that this Spurs team is too good not to win trophies, I presume he said that on Monday Night Football, which I didn't bother to watch as it was Arsenal.

That rather coincides with an article I penned early this morning and posted at lunchtime. It is another step to take before moving on to the next step. You can not take your eye off the ball as Arsenal have, they got sidetracked into thinking to qualify for UEFA Champions League football was the be all and end all, they got caught up in believing that finishing above Tottenham was what mattered.

Mauricio Pochettino showed a different approach when asked, he merely pointed out the obvious, Chelsea are above us, they are who we are chasing. He was saying we don't look backward, only forwards as that is the direction we are going.

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  1. PMSL SPurs better than Arsenal????? That's comical really can't stop laughing here. One season wonder. Normality will be restored next season

    1. Mind you don,t crack a rib cos yeah Spurs are better than Ar5ena1, check the league table it does,nt lie.

    2. you sure your names not Jack Wilshite

    3. What a sweet comment. I'm sorry to say that direction is all. Next season the disparity will be greater. Once Wenger goes the cliff-edge beckons for the Arse. Top players are already leaving the ship and getting new ones will prove harder and harder without any ambition at the club.

      Shame that this should all happen almost a hundred years after Henry Norris's infamous corruption (Apparently there's some doubt it was bribery. It may only have been blackmail.) scandal.


  2. 1st time spurs gonna finish ahead of Arsenal in for ever. Die hard gooner but can't take away from the fact that Spurs are by far and away the best footballing team in the premier league this term. Would go as far as to say I would like to see Spurs win the title this term. Normal service will resume next year.

    People gonna say that as a goner, I should hate Spurs. I don't. It's great to see the small clubs doing well for once


    1. I appreciate your comment about our football. I have to admit that I, as well as a few other Spurs fans, have commented on the quality of football coming from down the road since Arsene took over. Gone are the days we could get away with the old "Boring, boring Arsenal" chant.

      That said, we are a smaller club. ATM. What sets us apart though, is that our club has vision, and the courage to follow the path less trod. I can only say that if you expect to see normal service resume next year then you've taken your eye off the ball and failed to notice the wind change over the last THREE years. Check some of the stats. Any of them - they all say the same thing - Both clubs are moving inexorably in a single direction. Unfortunately for yours, not the same direction. Either that or you have a memory that goes back to the sixties when normal service was us winning the league and the FA Cup numerous times and you, not so much. You remember - First British club to win a major European cup; First to do the double that century, at a time when it wasn't simply about how expensive the team was. Or maybe we'll be a one-season wonder in exactly the same way Harry Kane was - and just repeat it year after year.

      Nothing can stand still without going backwards. Maybe when things change down the road you can start to pull things round, but to do that you'll certainly need to make some fundamental changes. You won't be able to compete at the top level any more going the way you are. That seems to have receded into history somewhat without anyone really noticing.


  3. Oh dear, think your a big club do ya? Yea right, thats the problem with you Woolwich nomads. You are actually a small fish. In fact your not even a fish! Lol & COYS!



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