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Monday, 17 April 2017

Desperate Kieran Tierney news


Manchester Evening News peddling rubbish again

As is often the case with the Manchester Evening News they have got their story wrong. Spurs do not fear of losing Danny Rose this summer and any interest in Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney is for a player of the future.

Tierney is being watched by a host of clubs but at only 19-years-old (20 in June) he may well need more time to develop. Not everyone is Dele Alli, besides he would have to learn how we play, how everyone in the system plays and get to our level of fitness.

He wouldn't achieve that during pre-season and he would have to start as a backup player. Still the Manchester newspaper have an agenda, they have to angle stories in favour of City or United, even if that means stretching the boundaries of credibility.

I have read stories suggesting Jose Mourinho has dropped his interest, then the Daily Star, of course, and the Manchester Evening News showing their lack newsworthy credibility by quoting an incorrect story from, of all people, MEN Sport.

"M.E.N. Sport understands Spurs have intensified their interest in the 19-year-old since they are expected to lose Danny Rose to Manchester City, where Pep Guardiola is planning a defensive overhaul."
That, as you know, is complete and utter codswallop, there is NO expectation of losing Rose, quite the opposite. I place the Manchester Evening News in the same dustbin as the Daily Star, Football Insider, Harold 'Steptoe' Hotspur and the like.

I haven't seen or heard anything that suggests we are chasing Kierney hard, merely watching his progress and he wouldn't be ready for first team football in any case as he is playing the equivalent of League One football each week. He would need time to learn the and time to adjust to the Premier League.

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  1. KT is fit enough and good enough to play for Tottenham now. The level that Celtic play at may not be top level Premier league, but KT is a stand-out in a very good team. You would be sensible to get him if you can.

    1. We have Danny Rose though and he wouldn't displace him. The back up left-back Ben Davies has just signed a new contract so it is debatable whether there is even a place for him in the squad. It is reported that Man U don't see him as an immediate left-back either.

  2. KEIRAN TIERNEY, at this moment in time, is a more polished professional football player than Moussa Dembélé is. I am well aware that they don’t play in the same area of the park and their respective jobs on the field, and for the team, are different, that is all taken into consideration and is appreciated.

    Kieran Tierney brings more to the field for Celtic - at the moment - than Moussa does, regardless of the number of goals he (Moussa) has scored.
    It seems to be the consensus of opinion that you erred badly allowing Dembélé to come north last season. I believe that to be true, however, I wouldn’t worry too much about making the same mistake with Tierney because the bhoy is quite happy where he is. He is one of our own, I’m sure you will have an empathy for that.

    I know money talks, with the EPL in mind it is a deafening cacophony but wee Kieran knows where his heart is and right at this moment I don’t think even Spurs have the money that would entice him away.

    Of course you could afford the transfer fee but I don’t think you could ever afford his soul. Not for a couple of seasons yet anyway.

    As for your comments about fitness, how typically EPL arrogant of you. Have you ever watched the boy play, his role model in sport is Andy Murray. I won’t say anymore, I’ll let you figure it out.

    1. We didn't err badly allowing him to go north because it wasn't our choice, it was his. Unless you are aware a player can still choose where to play football. Your consensus doesn't understand the situation at the time.

      Regardless of whether Tierney is one of your own, if a club in the Premier League comes calling and he has any ambition he'll be off. It would be a waste of his career otherwise playing second rate football each week.

      The comments regarding fitness are because we are believed to be one of the fittest, if bot the fittest team in the Premier League, it isn't based on general football fitness or general PL fitness, which demonstrates your lack of understanding of the game outside Scotland.

  3. Oh and when the day does come when he will leave, I hope he goes to Spurs and not Manchester United, or City, or Chelsea.

    Spurs or Arsenal or Liverpool, preferably Spurs.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Replies
    1. The team ranked in the top 12 in Europe and second in the Premier League. In other words, a superior team.

  6. Some visitors from the North it seems. Doing very well again in the SPL. Let me welcome your comments.

    I would start by responding to the following :
    "As for your comments about fitness, how typically EPL arrogant of you."
    My understanding is that the EPL is known for being the most demanding league in the world for fitness. This isn't simply an English perspective. Within that league only Liverpool really compete with Spurs as working as hard and covering such a distance as Spurs. This isn't simply arrogance (I'm very happy to believe arrogance is around - just not reflected in this statement is all).

    Moussa went north. He's done brilliantly well up there. It may well be that his time up there has been better for him than coming straight here. I harbour wishes he may yet come down and join us some time soon. Kieran I know little about. Clearly you guys see him every week. An engine on him is something he would certainly need in order to compete down here, a special one to excel. If Wanyama is anything to go by then playing up there with you lot is no bad preparation for a good player.

    I can't say KT isn't fit enough yet as I don't know him. That said, very few players anywhere would be fit enough before they get to train here. That you boys feel he probably is, is a pretty good sign in itself mind, and Andy Murray is no slouch either of course. That "he's one of our own" is something we understand and respect, of course. How that affects what happens during his career is still to be seen. Obviously, we're looking for young, fit, quality players. If we have our eyes on your bhoys from time to time then I guess that can be good for both sides.


    PS. @Martin. Very sweet comment :-D



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