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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Dele Alli Tweets North London is ours


Tottenham were a far better team than Arsenal last season and when the title was gone the players, much to the supporters annoyance, gave up allowing Arsenal to finish ahead of us.

When you aim for a goal and miss you can still achieve, we achieved a UEFA Champions League position, we should have secured second place though. We had to retain focus by refocusing on something that was important to the fans. We didn't.

This season the lessons Pochettino has been drumming into the players about mentality and the experience of last season has made Tottenham a stronger side. Mentally we have certainly improved, there is still much to learn though and a piece of silverware is important.

Today we saw a one-sided game really, not in the possession stats, but it what was done with the ball. Arsenal hardly created anything and we were by a distance the better side, a distance of 17 points it seems.

The Dele Alli goal summed up the difference, he won a ball he shouldn't have and when Eriksen shot he was already making his way from the goal line into the six-yard box just incase something dropped there. It did and as he was anticipating, not reacting, he got to the ball first. It is all a part of the mental approach you have been reading about all season from me. It was the difference between scoring a goal and not scoring a goal.

A crowd favourite, Dele Alli sure knows how to get us on his side off the pitch too!

Atmosphere was amazing, thank you to all the fans.. north London is ours!! 💪🏽⚽️

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