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Friday, 21 April 2017

Costa, Bruma, Zaha - Key stats give a clear winner


The Twitter profile of Ben Fairthorne tell sus he worked for CNN, Base Soccer, The Sun, The Mail, IPC Media, Nuts Magazine and Frank PR. Also that he worked at a football agency with predominately Arsenal and Spurs players.

He has tweeted that Daniel Levy met with the agents of Douglas Costa today and mentions his potential fee as £25.12 million (€30m - AUS$42.87m - US$32.18m). In another Tweet he suggests Spurs only want one of Costa or Zaha and it depends upon how difficult Zaha is to sign and presumably what sort of fee they are going to insist upon.

We'll have our valuation and won't just pay what another club demands, common negotiation in all businesses. We are also interested in Bruma of course at Galatasaray.

Costa is a left-footed left winger, Bruma is a right-footed left winger and Zaha is a right-footed right winger.

Eriksen generally operates from the left, Son can operate on either side, Lamela generally operates on the right. Arguably we need a player for either side.

Douglas Costa (Bayern Munich) - Born: 14 September 1990 (age 26 years)
Bruma (Galatasaray) - Born: 24 October 1994 (age 22 years)
Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) - Born: 10 November 1992 (age 24 years)

Over to the Squawka matrix to see how they compare. First goals and assists.

Given that Bruma and Zaha have played more games and more minutes than Costa in their respective leagues, a look at the same statistics per 90 minutes will give a more accurate assessment.

Zaha comes out bottom for goals but top for assists, while Costa is bottom for assists and Bruma top for goals.

Moving onto pass completion and key passes I'll show them per 90 minutes again but the totals are Costa 30 key passes, Bruma 43 and Zaha 23.

Bruma is tops for pass completion, Zaha is bottom and Costa is top for key passes, Zaha is bottom again. Now let's move on to shooting and accuracy, Costa has taken 35 shots, Bruma 36 shots and Zaha 42 shots, again the graphic will show the per 90 minutes figures.

Costa has the most shots per 90 minutes, Zaha is bottom, Bruma is the most accurate, followed by Zaha with Costa bottom.

The last graphic shows the successful take-ons and chances created per 90 minutes. The totals for chances created are Costa 22, Bruma 49 and Zaha 32.

So Bruma is the most successful taking on an opponent, Zaha is the least successful, Costa creates the most chances per 90 minutes and Zaha creates the least.


Goals: 1st Bruma, 2nd Costa, 3rd Zaha
Assists: 1st Zaha, 2nd Bruma, 3rd Costa
Pass Completion: 1st Bruma, 2nd Costa, 3rd Zaha
Key Passes: 1st Costa, 2nd Bruma, 3rd Zaha
Shooting: 1st Costa, 2nd Bruma, 3rd Zaha
Accuracy: 1st Bruma, 2nd Zaha, 3rd Costa
Successful take-ons: 1st Bruma, 2nd Costa, 3rd Zaha
Chances Created: 1st Costa, 2nd Bruma, 3rd Zaha

Costa (£25m): 1st 3, 2nd 3, 3rd 2
Bruma (£9m): 1st 4, 2nd 4, 3rd 0
Zaha (£30m): 1st 1, 2nd 1, 3rd 6

Looking at those figures Bruma at £9 million looks a clear winner but which one would you want for the money?

RIP Ugo Ehiogu


  1. I believe we should stop looking at wingers and focus on the 3-4-2-1 formation. I would love to see us bring in Barkley, Isco or a player of that mold to provide depth for that formation.

    1. You best tell Pochettino, he's the one looking at them and he is doing so for a reason. They have the adaptability to play as part of the two or be concerted to full-backs like Rose was and Victor Loses is at Chelsea or Valencia at Man Utd.

      Isco is likely to sign a new deal at Real Madrid and he'll go to a team like Juventus if he leaves, doubtful he would ever end up at Spurs. Barkely would be a signing in addition to an inverted winger.

  2. I know it's always difficult to work with stats effectively and get the most out of them without some factor skewing the results. My first thought here though, is that playing in the EPL is a factor that gives Zaha a tougher environment within which to produce his figures. I imagine Bruma has the least tough environment, but I don't really know foreign leagues very well.

    It would be interesting to see if he could maintain that sort of form in the EPL. Obviously we'd hope so if he came here.

    As I say, statistics can tell us so much good stuff, as long as we remember they're rarely the full story. Interesting figures though Clive. Thanks.


  3. It would be Zaha for me. EPL experience worth double the states but he won't come cheap !

    1. That makes good sense. The worry for me with Zaha is that he's already shown he has a lot of work to do to show the mental strength we require. Skill; flexibility; football intelligence; all strengths IMHO, but I still believe he can be found hiding when things get really tough.

      If he comes here then obviously, I'd be happy to be proven wrong ;-)




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