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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Barcelona involved in match fixing scandal

Barcelona B thrashed Eldense 12-0 in the Spanish third tier, unfortunately, it is suggested that the game was fixed.

Italian and Spanish football have what we will call dubious results towards the end of a season when clubs who have nothing to play for are believed to affect the result of games.

The claim the game was fixed comes from Eldense themselves., Two of their players have been arrested along with their coach, Filippo Vito di Pierro and general manager Nobile Capuani. He was believed to be representing a group of Italian investors. Proving a result is fixed isn't easy though.

After the thumping which relegated them Eldense cancelled the rest of their season! The president, David Aguilar, complained to the Police who interviewed the players. Eldense forward Cheikh Saad has claimed on radio that four of his teammates were involved.

“He [Aguilar] had words with the coach, calling him a scoundrel because it was evident that something was going on. I listened to an audio recording that some people showed me after the game and it revealed that certain players had made bets to lose. 
“In that recording, it stated that there would be eight goals at half-time and then the result in the second half. The police have that recording. We are talking about big amounts [money], they would not have earned that amount in their whole lives playing in this division.

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