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Monday, 10 April 2017

Arsenal staring at the Europa League


You know things are bad when even the fans can't make a decent banner

Arsenal conceded 3 or more goals in 4 consecutive away matches for the first time since 1929.

The Palace fans cheering every pass against Arsenal was simply priceless, how many times has that happened! I thought there would be Over 2.5 goals in the game, I didn't expect them to all come from Crystal Palace with Spurs old boy Andros Townsend netting the first.

Some of the Arsenal players simply gave up. They normally fight to the last and have a great mentality, but that was totally missing. If anyone was unsure that Tottenham have taken over the mantle in North London just look at that performance and the Premier League table.

Premier League Table



4Manchester City31187660:3561

5Manchester United301512346:2457


Seven points behind Manchester City and staring the UEFA Europa League in the face. If that happens then players will simply not want to join Arsenal, they will look elsewhere and the likes of Sanchez certainly will not stay at the club.

Lose your best players and be unable to sign top talent is a double whammy that could see Arsenal go backwards not forwards.

We have had to take years of stick from up the road so it is a pleasure to see what is happening them there.


  1. May I change the subject in the light of the excellent news from Selhurst Park? Are we ready to inaugurate a new annual festival, The Feast of the Arse (Latin: Festum Arsinorum). It reworks in a contemporary context a now lost medieval romp known as the Feast of the Ass (Latin: Festum Assinorum). A spin-off from the better known Feast of Fools, the Feast of the Ass commemorated the biblical flight from Egypt. Likewise, the Feast of the Arse commemorates the scurrying of the Woolwich clowns into the Premier League wilderness. It replaces the now irrelevant Saint Totteringham’s Day.

  2. Maybe Arsenal will miss out Europa League as well

    1. no we need them to suffer the dreaded thurs - sunday ordeal trying to play catch-up on the rest c.o.y.s

  3. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.

  4. being i europa won't stop quality players signing. if i remember correctly, spurs finished outside top 4 in 2015, yet still attracted the quality players who are helping push a title challenge this season?

    1. yes but they were to young or at the wrong end of there sell by date and they had to learn the Poch way Arse fans think they have a divine right to dine at the top table long may they struggle that would be just sweet c.o.y.s

  5. There has been talk of a shift in power for many seasons now with nothing happening. I feel, as many Spurs fans do, that this is going to be the start of that shift. Arse supporters are already conceding defeat but are adding that the power hasn't shifted until we've won the same amount of league titles and FA cup wins as them.

    I would like to remind them that when Spurs fans shove our history down their nomad throats, they all come back with the same retort, history is history and means nothing. OK then, your history means fuc* all now that we are in the ascendancy and you are in decline. How does the saying go, 'they were made to eat their own words'?

  6. League titles will be a struggle. FA Cup wins not so much. We were ahead of them for so long. They're not that far ahead now.

    What they're missing is firsts in anything. First team to win the top division immediately after coming up from a lower one (although I believe they didn't do too badly in 1919 or whenever it was after they bribed their way into the top division at our expense). First British team to win a European trophy. First team to do the double in the 20th century, when there was actually a competitive league.

    Maybe the first team to employ a manager whose name sounds very much like an appropriate insult (Arsenal Wenker)?

    I wonder if anyone knows an Arse fan that can handle defeat and ignomy with grace. I know very few that showed any when they were successful (I can't lie. I do know a very small minority that did.) I'm sure we'll all enjoy finding out about that one.




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