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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Arsenal blog tries to demeans the death of Ugo Ehiogu


The insensitive piece of filth who wrote this demonstrates why Arsenal fans are not only universally disliked but are delusional and in denial. How dare he or she try and demean the death of Ugo Ehiogu by suggesting former Spurs player Danny Murphy would have used it as an excuse for our entertaining FA Cup semi-final loss to Chelsea, especially given the biased commentary we have had to endure from Alan Smith for years, which thankfully our football has made him adjust.

I'm all for banter between supporters but bringing the death of someone into the equation is totally out of order.

A look at the Premier League table tells us they are batting to avoid the UEFA Europa League play-off rounds, a true reflection of where they are over a season. Thankfully not all Arsenal fans are gutter dwellers and I'm glad to say none of my Arsenal friends would stoop to such a level.



  1. Oh for pity's sake it was never insulting or written with spite.
    Perhaps Spurs fans should look at themselves when they were laughing when Jack Wilshere broke his leg - something about pot, kettle and black springsto mind..

    1. No. You're absolutely wrong. It was totally insulting, and if not written with spite then definitely with an inexcusable lack of sensitivity.

      I have no sympathy with 'supporters' who rejoice at Wilshere's unfortunate recent accident, and nor do I for this drivel. Anyone that supports either should be ashamed of themselves in my opinion.

      The fact that it's ignorant and deluded I can understand and am happy to point out as we all can be. That's a Spurs/Arse thing. Bringing in the sad death of Ugo is simply unconscionable. Not the sort of behaviour that football fans across the board have shown on numerous occasion. Like Clive I have friends who are Arses and I can be 100% sure all of them would be embarrassed by this.

      I hope this never gets as far as any of his family.


  2. Well said. I was at Highbury for arsenal v spurs match after David Rocastle died and every person present stood in silence for respect pre kick off. 2 of my Arsenal friends said on the Monday, "I can't believe how great the Spurs fans were". To which I replied " some things are more important than football". I'm an oap and just cannot comprehend what gets into some cretins' minds. All clubs have these cretins not just Arsenal. Hang your head in shame sunshine

  3. Jack (the gob) Wiltshere?!
    He got what he deserved at the Lane, you seem to conveniently forget his drunken foul mouthed anti Spurs outburst. This didn't happen once but twice, and in front of young children as well. As said above, banter between fans is fine, but players have a responsibility as role models, especially when in public.
    Wiltshire is an odious moron with an abnormally diminished IQ, with an inability to keep his mouth shut, so yes he got what he deserved.




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