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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Apply these 4 elements to each player

Which players show these four elements

1. The more decisions you make the more you fatigue your brain
2. A winning mentality is defining your own goal and working your way towards it each day one step at a time
3. If you don't have a defined desire you are lost, you lose motivation, you get swamped with distractions and achieve nothing
4 If you don't progress than focus goes sailing out the window

Now those four statements apply to any walk of life. Without a purpose you amble along in life and you are reacting to everyone else and reacting to events, you are not proactive, you are not creating opportunity, you are waiting for it to fall into your lap. Guess what happens, it doesn't, you get stuck in a rut and suddenly life has passed you by, you feel it is too late to change.

In a footballing context I look at a player like Moussa Sissoko and he has no defined desire for his career at Tottenham, he simply wants out. His agent is meeting the club to figure out a way out. His focus is not on us and therefore he can not perform for us. Moussa Sissoko doesn't have 2, 3 and 4.

Let me ask you which of those four does Erik Lamela have? Which does Georges-Kevin N'Koudou have, which did Tom Carroll have, which does Harry Kane have, which does Harry Winks have?

Clearly not every player has the same desire, the same commitment, the same focus. If a player isn't driven to keep on improving himself then why do we need them at the club? Why should we settle for second best?

Before the Burnley game we were 5 points better off than last season, yet still 10 points behind Chelsea. That shows that we have to keep improving, how are we going to do that if we settle for players who can't produce top level form consistently.

Go through the squad and ask yourself if they truly meet the criteria, no allowances, no excuses, do they measure up or do they have something to work on? I can guarantee you Mauricio Pochettino asks himself the same questions about each player as he assesses them

As you progress you are motivated to progress more, nobody gives you that motivation, it comes from you. A player not progressing their game lacks motivation and thus they don't get picked because they can't contribute in the manner in which they could if they were progressing.

You guys are not blind, you can see who is progressing and who isn't. The rule here though is, you have to first produce it on the training pitch to be allowed to produce it in a match. If you don't have the motivation to produce it on the training pitch then walk out the door, you are not a winner.

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