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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Apparently, Pochettino gave a 'fiery' response

More from the pre-game press conference.

Has Toby Alderweireld been offered or rejected a new contract?

Pochettino - "I never speak about rumours. You've got to speak with Daniel and discover. If some clubs are interested in some players, it's very clear that they need to go and knock on the door of Daniel Levy. The players that will leave the club is always our decision, the club's decision. All the players today have contracts for the next 2 or 3 years minimum, and we're not worried about the players.

"I invite all the clubs that want players from Tottenham to come to the training ground and visit our chairman Daniel Levy. I think Toby is playing and that is the second season at the club, nobody has doubts about Toby."

Apparently, according to the Daily and Sunday Express, this is a 'fiery' response which we will politely call inaccurate reporting.

Anyone who has ever seen a Mauricio Pochettino press conference knows ther e are never fiery responses. The answer Pochettino gave was consistent and normal for him. He has many a time said he doesn't talk about rumours and said before that clubs have to speak to Daniel Levy.

The press want to make an issue out of invention from an Italian journalist with a lousy track record of being right. Strange how a Italian journalist who is a friend of an Italian managing Chelsea should know what a Belgian has told a club in England.

The British press don't care if a story is right or wrong, so you have to question the ethics of journalists who write these stories and headlines that misreport events only add to the distrust and opinion people hold about them.

first we had Maxwell stealing the pension fund money of his employees, then we had the phone hacking and the lies peddled by newspaper staff.

If this is interpreted as Mauricio Pochettino giving a fiery response then the journalist concerned must spend his whole day frightened out of his wits. He should seek help.

Interested in Michael Keane? Douglas Costa?

Pochettino - "Many rumours, eh? I cannot speak about rumours. If we focus on one rumour, maybe we need to speak about not players but myself and different things. Today we must be focused on Saturday and the end of the season, and all that happens about players in, players out, you will know when we finish the season."

Amazing the same answer,I do not speak about rumours, was this a fiery response too?

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  1. Journalists are now just hacks, you'd be hard pressed to find a decent and true journalist in this country or most other countries for that matter. I could write better than most that are currently plying their trade in our daily rags. Any rumour is good enough for these people to add their unwanted opinion to, trying to give an outlandish lie some credence.



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