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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Another New Spurs Kit Leak 2017/18

Yet another new kit design 2017/18

There have been many leaks of new kits for next season. As I said before graphic designers like to show what they can do and expose their designs to the world in the hope of picking up some work. Where this horrendous kit emanatess from I have no idea but it is doing the rounds on the Internet at the moment.

A double blue band around the collar isn't so bad, but what looks like England grey sleeves seems a bit lazy to me and the two bands around the chest simply emphasise the red AIA sponsorship on the shirts. We don't want to be emphasising red!

The second kit is all rather bland, but passable while the third shirt does absolutely nothing for me. Some shirts grow on you but these look like cheap designs from someone with no imagination. I wouldn't want to hire whoever designed these shirts.


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