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Saturday, 15 April 2017

And so the story ends before the window has begun


Manchester City will pursue 'alternative targets' after the door was closed on moves for Dele Alli, Kyle Walker and Danny Rose write everyone. The door was never open, there was never any chance of them leaving and the £50 million valuation was a figment of imagination from our gutter press.

The story that was never a story reported as a story to be told it's not a story. Basically, it was a throwaway remark that this country does produce some top quality young players and our three boys were mentioned.

That then escalates in our press into a full blown story that pep Guardiola is trying to buy players it is practically impossible to buy. Now it is being reported that as they are practically impossible to buy, the Manchester City sporting director has decided it is impossible and started to look elsewhere. 

A Man City fan reporter on Twitter was trying to tell me Saed Kolasinac was not an alternative but that they wanted both, well as he is off to Arsenal, there will now have to be alternatives they go after.

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