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Sunday, 2 April 2017

All bjt confirmed Sissoko is leaving


It has all but been confirmed that Moussa Sissoko will be leaving Tottenham in the summer with L'Equipe reporting that his representatives are to meet with Tottenham officials to discuss how best he can leave the club in the summer, in other words, to work out a joint exit strategy.

It is in the clubs best interests to help him leave quickly in any way we can, fortunately for us it means he won't now cost the initial £30 million (€35.29m - AUS$49.31m - US$37.63m), as we only pay an initial lump sum and £5 million (€5.88m - AUS$8.22m - US$6.27m) for each season of his initial contract he was here.

Thus we can see him at half of what we bought him for and still not make a loss on him thankfully, hence the minimum £15 million (€17.84m - AUS$24.66m - US$18.82m) being quoted that we are looking for.

National manager Didier Deschamps dropped from the French squad and Sissoko can have nobody to blame but himself. Nobody makes decisions for him he decides if he is going to fully bond with Mauricio Pochettino's footballing philosophy and therefore be able to give 100% and he hasn't.

He has chosen to go through the motions and thus he is incapable of performing at a level that we require. That isn't to say he won't give his best, but your best when you don't believe in something is nowhere near your best when you do believe in something, as we are seeing on the pitch.

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  1. Replies
    1. He's truly awful but I've seen a number of players I thought were just as bad turn things round. Gareth Bale comes to mind but Sissoko would have to turn things round in monumental proportions to do likewise.

  2. With the injuries we may need him to perform from the bench in certain games . I know he has been disappointing to say the least but if he comes on I want him at least motivated to try ,

  3. How can we need someone who even the opposing don't bother to mark because they no he is not bothering, no lets have somebody who at least the opposition will need to mark so others can be freed up. Sissoko is not even bothering, not one successful pass in 45 minutes yesterday says it all. Sorry I hate to slag my own players off and indeed over the 60 years of watching Spurs and seen some real numpties I have felt like it, but this guy is something else.
    There is some inherent issue with many French players when they come to the English Premier League, with few exceptions.

  4. I thought that at Turf Moor, once he warmed up to the game, that he played quite well. of course, like Adebayor, it may only be because he is after a new contract with his next club but....? Like Ade, when he does play well, he is a real handful to mark an although he retains possession better than he passes both are improving. I think that he really expected to walk into the first eleven and has been forced to have a reality check. or is it that new club contract? Hard to tell.

    1. I saw no such signs. It seems to me almost every touch he had was flawed and let the side down in some way. Most touches were to give away possession.

      I'm always happy to see supporters supporting, but I didn't see what you saw out there today I'm afraid.


  5. I would rather we picked a supporter to play. sissoko is just total shite ..... COYS

  6. I sympathise because I have been watching Spurs since 1967 . I did not want to sign Sissoko as I thought the fee was 15 million too much . I expected more from him but did think around Christmas he showed some signs of life . All I want is whoever comes on from the bench they give 100% . My worry at the moment is if he wants to leave will he even try when he enters the pitch . I do think yesterday he did try and I know Paul Smith on Spurs Odyssey felt he did ok when moved to the right .

  7. If Marcus Edwards is as good as many seem to tell me he is perhaps with all the injuries he will get a chance from the bench . All the reports given to me is Marcus is something special and could be an unknown secret weapon from the bench in the run in due to the injuries .

  8. Is this the blog that said Erik Lamella wasn't injured but had a weak mentality and was being moved on by Poch? This is probably the blog that said Gareth Bale was rubbish and needed to be moved on, before he had a chance to show his quality. Some bloggers (and fans) just seem incapable of learning!!

    1. Did you notice his tweat thanking everyone for their support after his operation (Hip op) was written in Italian? That might be seen to indicate where his head is ATM. I hope I'm wrong, but clearly nothing's as obvious as you make out.

      Be careful what you choose to 'learn'. It often turns out to be wrong.


    2. Perhaps he's simply more fluent in Italian?

    3. That's perfectly possible Mr Teo. It's also possible that I saw a report where it had already been translated into Italian for the local audience.

      However, if it was written in Italian originally then, regardless of his most comfortable language, and assuming he's not an absolute idiot, one would have to assume that his intended audience is other than the fans of THFC.

      Again, assuming all above to be true, it could be seen as a snub.

      Maybe he's not an idiot. Maybe he's just not thinking too straight after a very difficult time he's been through. Many maybes. Let's hope it turns out to be other than that he's planning to jump ship after all the time and effort those at THFC have put in to support him during his lean times.


  9. Even when son scored the second goal ! Sissoko hardly celebrated with the rest of the team !! ! Potchattino has been brilliant for us but some one has too ask why we waisted nearly 70 million pound last summer !! Sissoko .Jansen .. n.koudou ! ! We must get it right this summer !!

  10. err that'll be wasted....dumb ass!!!



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