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Friday, 28 April 2017

Alderweireld and Walker


And so it comes to pass. I wrote a while ago that as soon as we offer one player and increase to £100,000-a-week, the others will be knocking on the door for wage increases themselves.

It is why we have not shelled out massive, for us, wages to transfer targets. It isn't a case of offering it to one player, it opens the floodgates for the others and you have to have budgeted for the huge increase in wages that brings each season.

Hugo Lloris will receive a premium because he is captain, Harry Kane will receive a premium because he is a vice-captain. Toby Alderweireld is reported as wanting parity at £100,000-a-week, but the club can't do that, they can only offer parity with the wage before the captaincy premium, otherwise they#ll have to increase the wages of Lloris, Kane and Vertonghen again.

We have increased our wage bill massively and it is still increasing which means we need UEFA Champions League football and the sponsorship that it generates to cover the additional expense. We can't keep increasing the wages without increasing the income. A wage increase isn't for one season, it is permanent so the increase in revenue has to be permanent.

Kyle Walker is reported as wanting a wage increase from his £70,000-a-week but there are rumours that his wife wants to leave London, whereas Walker is said to be very happy at Tottenham and not wanting to leave. We heard recently from the Liverpool chief executive that they didn't sign Alexis Sanchez because his wife preferred London.

Not everything is decided as you might expect. It isn't always about money, although that is how the press usually reports it, a rather narrow-minded view. Alderweireld has made it plain he doesn't want to go anywhere and I'm not expecting Walker to either unless Real Madrid do come calling.

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  1. Real Madrid for Walker? They have Dani Carvalho. An excellent young Spanish right back. I think Bayern Munich is a more likely destination.

  2. Money is not everything but you have to pay what a player is worth against his fellow professionals other wise once they have honoured their contract you can't blame them for wanting out.
    If we want to keep the boys we have to take a chance on them or the best side we have had in years will be broken up and who could blame them ?



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