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Saturday, 29 April 2017

A crucial weekend in the title race


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Tottenham's first 10 matches at White Hart Lane resulted in 9 wins and a loss WWWWLWWWWW.

This season we have been seeing the old stadium off in fine style. Played 16, won 14, drawn 2, lost 0, goals for 43, goals against 8.

With two games to go it would be a fitting send off to remain unbeaten, even better to record two more victories and nick the title. We have a job to do against Arsenal today, that's all it is a job and we keep our fingers crossed that Everton can do us a favour by closing the gap to one or two points.

Gary Neville spoke about this being a key weekend, that is Tottenham could come out of this weekend one game away from turning the positions around then Chelsea will be under real pressure.

It means nothing if we don't win, but if Everton get a draw a two point gap can be overturned in one game as we have the better goal difference, which could be key. If Everton can beat Chelsea a one point gap means we could go above them on points if they draw another game, assuming we keep winning, which is a task in itself.

Leicester City won the title last season, if Tottenham Hotspur could win it this season it would be good for the game and certainly make us attractive to top players.

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