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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Winks not a success at Spurs

I see the Harry Hotspur website has posted another anti-Spurs rant, hardly the stuff of a supporter, in fact many believe the website run by a Gooner poking fun at our fans. The website rarely seems to have a good word to say for Spurs anyway. Perhaps I'm just unlucky in my infrequent visits.

I took a dip into a post about our academy and what a waste of time it was to find Harry Kane is apparently the only successful player we have produced.

Kyle Walker, Danny Rose, Harry Winks, Harry Kane Josh Onomah and Cameron Carter-Vickers are currently in the first-team squad, I believe and football is a squad game these days. Four of those are totally home grown and Harry Winks has played in 29 games this season for a total of 1,135 minutes as he takes the next step in his career. What a failure!

Mauricio Pochettino has said that Cameron Carter-Vickers will be the mainstay of our defence for years to come.

It takes around 15 years to go through the whole academy system and every influx is not going to be full of future first-team players. You have to build the reputation of the academy before you attract more and more of the potential top talent. It is obviously a long-term project. Like the club has had to be built from the ground up over time, so has the academy had to be built to be elite, not just an academy every other club has.

The object of an academy is not only to produce the best players for this club but to provide footballers in general and to pay for itself. To pay for itself it has to sell players or failures as they are apparently known. Naturally there are going to be more who leave the club than stay, different managers like different players and there are a multitude of reasons a player leaves a club.

A look at who has won trophies reveals that nearly all of the last 60 have been won by those richer than us, there is only the odd isolated trophy from others, no sustained success. A Tottenham fan would surely want sustained success and surely want the club to build the infrastructure and income that allows the team to be built to achieve it.

Success is never achieved by believing something is impossible, that is the way failures think. A successful individual believes. Other clubs have shown a conveyor belt of talent is possible, foreign clubs do it all the time. A successful individual or group formulates a strategy to put it in place and acts upon it.

That is exactly what Daniel Levy has done. He has looked at the academy, seen a vision and starting building the infrastructure before bringing in the manager who could help make that vision happen.

Why has no other club dragged itself from bankruptcy to become the 6th richest club in the country thereby giving itself the chance to make the next step into the big league? Is it not possible? Spurs are doing it thanks to vision, belief and a strategy.

The untapped North American market is huge, American football is huge, the commercial potential is huge which in turn helps the club support and pay for a top football team. Once again the vision of Daniel Levy is making a dual purpose stadium happen, it was his idea to link the two sports and go for what others thought was impossible.

That is the difference between a successful man and those that simply complain something isn't possible. Limited capacity thinking never achieved anything, man has flown to the moon because people believed it was possible.

Anything can be achieved by those with an open mind and a vision, a life doing what they want when they want, closed minds haven't a hope of achieving anything.

The crux of the matter is that some people like to drag you down to their level and keep you there while the successful move in different circles and will help try to help pull up anyone who genuinely wants it. Daniel Levy is pulling this club up.

Hugo Lloris said Spurs fans are living in the past, perhaps some still are, but the vast majority of us can see what we are working towards, can see the future and it is a future we want. Both Pochetino and Lloris have talked about positivity, vision and belief being absolutely vital as does someone like Sir Richard Branson who hasn't exactly made a failure of his life.

Supporters support, I certainly do, do you?

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  1. well said. Exactly my thinking. Look at clubs like Sheffield Wednesday, Coventry, Leeds, Newcastle.....we could have easily followed the same path if it was not for Mr Levy yet snipers still find fault. The future is looking very good indeed!

  2. i agree with you about harry hotspur .. what a pessimist if ever i saw one

  3. I created a newsnow account which allowed me to block his site from my newsnow feed. He lists his profession as a 'blogger'. Take a moment to picture the life of someone like that, laugh, and then move on with your life.

  4. How that prized idiot gets any traffic is beyond me.

    If he is genuinely a Spurs fan then he's clearly in the "only happy when it rains" category. The sort of clown you come across in the Shelf who'll watch Lamela score a hat trick without a peep but the second he misplaces a pass he's dropping C bombs and "I told you he was useless" rants. I'm surprised he has enough of an IQ to breath without assistance, never mind run a website

  5. The site you're posting to has the word blog in its URL.

  6. Whilst I agree HH is a pessimist, he's also a realist about a lot of what Spurs do. The truth is that the vaunted Spurs academy has only produced Kane as a player who has been in the first team, that we all agree should stay. He likes Winks, so do I, but he can't be judged a successful first team player until he's established himself. Personally I think he will do that.

    We certainly produce plenty of decent players from the academy but HH's (the Boy Hotspur's) point is that in reality only one player so far has come from the academy and been good enough to stay in the Spurs first team probably for his whole career. Whereas our rivals would be subsiding that with real top quality to go straight in. And if levy finds a way to fund the right signing for the top amounts, rather than gambling on expensive flops from the next shelf down, then we would genuinely challenge for the league in a strong year, not just when everyone else takes a year off (2015/16).

    1. HH the ultimate Levy hater ALWAYS misses the point. In deciding that THFC have signed expensive flops he forgets of the current squad the peanuts paid for Lloris, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Rose, Walker, Dier, Wanyama, Dembele, Eriksen, Alli, Trippier, Wimmer and, recently, Carrick, Bale, Modric and Berbatov who made the club around £125m profit. When I look at the transfer dealings of Tottenham compared to the rest of the PL I concluded that it was the best and that Tottenham had signed more bargains and less expensive duds than anyone. Levy haters believe that all the large poor signings are down to Levy and all the smaller excellent signings are miraculously down to someone else when they can't have it both ways and they have absolutely no idea either way. People also miss the point with the Academy. Over a period of time there may only be 1 or 2 Academy players in the first XI, but there should always be around 5 or 6 in the squad. Those who do not regularly make the first XI then get sold for serious money. Ward, Pritchard, Mason, Carroll, Fredericks, Hall, Coulthirst, Veljkovic, Livermore, Obika, Caulker, Luongo, Dawkins, Smith, Button, O'Hara, Townsend, Bentaleb went for around £85m more than paying for our best XI of Lloris, Walker, Dier, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Rose, Dembele, Wanyama, Eriksen, Alli and Kane. There are more THFC Academy graduates in the top 2 divisions than any other club. What's more it's the U14s upwards who are making waves as they are the crop who are coming through from when Hotspur Way was opened. Yes, we hoped Soldado would deliver. He was a fantastic player and why he failed is still a mystery. We will pay nowhere near the quoted amounts for Lamela and he has done okish; Janssen is Hollands number 1 forward and is struggling - is that Levy's fault or anyone's really. Sissoko was a daft signing, but they might just have thought he was worth a punt as he the payment is every year and China is always a destination.. Tottenham's net spend over 7 years is nothing at a time when the club challenges at the top of the league and in cup competitions. The regular semi finals defeats is all Levy's fault according to HH! We all want a fantasy signing however they only go to Chelsea, Man City and Man United - now why is that. If we did pay £100m for Pogba with wages of £250K per week we would have to increase the wages of EVERY player in the squad due to the dribble down affect. How can we do that? This summer needs a Modric type signing; a VDV type signing and brilliant youngsters plus a brilliant winner in any position - a Keane figurehead. Anyway that's enough for now.

    2. My sentiments as well Big Mal. Well said

    3. Excellently put Big Mal.

      It seems that when it comes to the Spurs support base (as in many other things currently) the loud minority are setting the tone and agenda for everyone.

      I find myself driven to disrepair by it at times, then I find a page like this and I am reminded that there are many more fans like myself. Supporters who take enjoyment from supporting Spurs, who are excited by how things are developing and are positive about our future.

      I would be able to tolerate HH if his bitter ramblings had any consistency but he aimlessly rolls from one "crisis" to another, makes doom and gloom predictions at every turn and never acknowledges when his points or his predictions are proven completely wrong.

      I completely reject the mans continual assertion that he is simply a 'realist'. If he where a realist he would acknowledge the good work done by Levy over the last 15 years... Taking us from a club on the verge of the abyss to regular top six, to regular top 4 and genuine title contenders last season. How does a 'realist' maintain that he is ruining the club?!

      Anyway, as many have pointed out already he seems immune to reason so he is best safely ignored at this point. I do wish people would stop clicking on his bated headlines though. I would love to know how many of his hits are people that agree with him verses people that can't stand him but keep letting curiosity get the better of them! I suspect if the latter crowd stopped clicking his whole operation would get a dose of reality, I'm sure a realist like him would appropriate that.

      COYS ;-)

    4. As you so clearly point out, claiming to be a realist is a common approach by those guilty of pessimism. It's rarely even close to the truth but seems to be something that's harder to argue against than simply being a lazy and pessimistic moaner.

      It's the default position of those who are very young and others who never make it much beyond that stage. Struggling to deal with the fact that mummy's not looking after their lives anymore.

      Thankfully that's not what you get on this blog. If realism is what you're after - what's required to make it in football; how it isn't simply an easy matter of throwing owners' money at the problem; how tough mental work is necessary; etc. - then you can find that and more here.


  7. Harry Hotspur is a loathsome moron who hates Tottenham. He calls anyone who disagrees with him a c*** and has recently started to poke fun at Harry Kane's speech 'impediment'. Thankfully he knows absolutely nothing about Tottenham and doesn't go to games. He writes his barely literate blogs to get traffic. If you notice, no one actually comments on them they just have some light hearted banter amongst themselves. Very sad little man.

  8. I have removed that tw@ts postings from newsnow... after seeing your first sentence I didn't read the rest!

  9. I made the mistake of posting a comment on his site in response to the latest anti-Spurs drivel and was treated to a load of ridicule from his sycophantic groupies that regularly offer him such enlightened gems as 'nice one H' and 'tell if how it is Harry'. Good to hear there's others out there that hold him in the low regard he deserves. I just wish he'd stop hiding behind his keyboard and post his picture ...

  10. You are aloud to criticise if you don't agree with the running of the club. Blind loyalty doesn't make you a better fan. Whilst I agree Harry Hotspur moans for moaning sake and that isn't supporting the team either.
    Commenting on this however , Kane is certainly the only youth player who has been a true success in terms Of allowing us to compete with the top sides around us. He is genuinely world class and with out hi, Spurs would be nothing.
    Winks has had a very good first season and may well be a top player but it is far to early to say if he is a success. Yes what ever we will make money on him but in the next few years he will need to improve vastly if he is to be good enough to take us to the top.
    Walker and Rose can't really call them youth products and Onumah is hopeless.

    1. Well Unknown so you expect an academy to only produce world class players do you?
      Academies exist to produce players who can play at a professional level...end of.
      p.s. HK is not world class, at least not yet...some way to go yet.

  11. Having been an active contributor to ‘Harry Hotspur’ for a period of time I can assure you that he is descended from the recent fossil discovery in China which has a bag-like body, huge mouth and no anus.
    If you can’t s*** in the normal way then “The Only Way Is…”.
    When I was contributing there were a number of clever wordsmiths and the majority of posts had nothing to do with Hotspur’s subject matter, but it was fun to compete.
    I’ve sneaked back on occasion and the posting rate on the blog is nowhere near what it was…a lot of regulars have gone.
    It is basically a site that survives on disinformation…Hotspur lives in Yorkshire for god’s sake.
    It’s raison d’être is to slag off Levy (and the supporters club) at every opportunity.
    There is clearly some history and Hotspur has failed to remove the chip from his shoulder and move on…a perfect example of disenfranchisement (yep I know it’s not a word, at least not yet!)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Ahem...

    1. Is that supposed to be an example of why he's * NOT * a tw@t?

      If that's the best he's got then I'm entirely unsurprised that people are underwhelmed.

      In case you hadn't noticed, even if it were in support of Harry Winks making it, it would only go as further evidence of his dubious reliability as it directly contradicts what he says elsewhere.


  14. I used to post as Aristotle on HH. The sychophantic groupies tried to provoke me for ages into hostility but I never took the bait. He banned me eventually for quoting the bible to the provocateurs. I suspect that Mysterious Stranger is in fact HH as are many of the other 'contributors'. The place is crawling with snide, opinionated and judgemental turds.

    Their are however several decent and balanced people who post there.

  15. Hh is an obnoxious git. His wensite makes no money. Its valued at 9k also he uses multiple ids in the comments. Him and edmonton yid are one for sure. Details on his site all here

  16. Harry hotspur wouldnt display my comments when i challenged him with regard to his completly deluded mind set. The blokes total c¥#t!
    I consider my levy as borderline genius tbh, top level football is an international entertainment business and he treats it like that with regard to fiscal planning and asset management. Top draw

  17. All clubs make poor signings every now and then. Look at Newcastle,they splurged hard last season (including buying our own Android Townsend) but went down nevertheless. The reason why Chelsea and Man City appear to be so successful in their signings is that for every great add-on they made,another 2-3 were duds!Having said that imho, Harry Hotspur is a genuine, if obnoxious Spurs fan. Although I don't participate, I enjoy the bantering amongst his groupies, some of whom are rude pieces but many others are witty and knowledgeable.

  18. There's plenty of pessimistic fans at spurs. HH isn't one of them. He seeks to be destructive.

    Pessimistic fans are happy to be wrong. They celebrate it (even though they're quick to moan when it goes bad). When proven wrong, HH just continues his negative rhetoric towards spurs. i.e. when we opted out of using MK Dons and secured Wembley, he moaned first that we were using MK and not remaining in London and secondly, using Wembley and not a tighter pitch like MK. Work that rubbish out.

    Anyone who actually believes he's a genuine fan, is badly mistaken. He's an internet troll. Who thankfully, is being ignored by most.

  19. His bi-polaresque rantings are quite remarkable. He's taken to pre-emptively insulting those who could possibly hold another opinion on certain matters.
    One of the few good things he has going for him are the occasional posts to support charities when one of his clique is doing some worthy event.
    And it seems he may, just may have some sort of connection that passes him a bit of lesser-known information from time to time.

    But the site is odious.

  20. I remember him calling me a tedious troll for disagreeing with him.
    It was around the time he was adamant Ledley would never play again, just before he played again, and again.
    At best he is a negative Nancy, at worst a total C...

  21. HH is not a fan and the above is 100% right. Overall, Levy should be lauded. Under him, we have gone from mid-table at best to top 4, with a new stadium on the way and at the same time as the club has, necessarily, spent very little net money on transfers.



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