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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

We must be doing something right if our fiercest rivals are worried


You must be doing something right when a legend of your fiercest rivals starts saying he is worried that we are approaching success in the right way. It is a kick in the teeth for those living in the past fans who still want to moan all the time.

It is a prime example of not know how sustained success is achieved, in any walk of life. The unsuccessful will always complain or tell you you are doing things wrong as they want to drag you down to their level and keep you there.

All the Daniel Levy haters out there are against building a new stadium and against having NFL games stages at the ground. Daniel Levy is the brainchild so you can hardly be supporting what he is doing if you aren't supporting the man. It is as Hugo Lloris says, a classic case of living in the past.

Thierry Henry was the scourge of Tottenham, he scored many a goal against us and won Premier League titles. Unable to compete financially, we had to find a way to challenge the top four on a more consistent basis instead of trying to play catch up. We have achieved that through taking the infrastructure and methodology of working into a far more professional way of operation, allied to finding an above average manager who could improve players and create a club system of playing that gives us a chance for success.

“We always felt Spurs were looking at us, ­trying to copy us, concentrating on us — not doing their own thing. And we saw what happened when they were doing that: two trophies in 25 years

The Arsenal striker told the Sun that Spurs were now getting it right looking at the bigger picture.

“They are battling for the league now. Pochettino has drilled into them that they need to see the bigger picture. And I think they do. He is doing an excellent job and taking the club in the right direction. Their future looks bright. They are not far off. That’s what worries me — Tottenham are finally getting it right.”

Building for an occasional success will never provide sustained success, we have seen with Leicester City this season that the wrong mental attitude can be disastrous, we saw it with Chelsea in the previous season. Thus far under Pochettino we have lost a League Cup Final and last season we should have finished above Arsenal but for some of the players giving up when the title had gone.

Mistakes have to be made or you will never learn. We will find out this season if we have learnt from last season or not while we continue to build a squad capable of competing on more than one front. Next up is the FA Cup quarter-final against Millwall and it is a game we must not slip up in.

With no European football left we have three games which could see us lift a trophy, it must be taken very seriously. A total second team may not get us the victory we need, let's be honest we have rather struggled to get here.

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