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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Walker and Rose have no need to move


Thanks to the old eye injury flaring up again it has been a few days since my post in which I highlighted the wolf in sheeps clothing suggesting Harry Winks was the only successful product of our academy.

Over here we are pro instead of anti Spurs and I prefer to look at the overall picture and matters in context, rather than out of context simply to bash the club I love.

Take the Manchester City story. Pep Guardiola wants Kyle Walker and Danny Rose, but in all honesty there was little chance of him getting either and according to reports in the Sun, has now switched target, having had no joy trying to convince the pair their future lies away from White Hart Lane.

Tottenham have an English based side, a rarity among top sides. The rest seem to play a maximum of two and fill their quota with players who just sit on the bench or are youngsters unlikely to ever get more than the odd game. Sides like Manchester City are constantly looking for home grown bench warmers.

At Tottenham Walker and Rose are first choice, their position is established, they are in the England team because of Mauricio Pochettino's coaching. He has proven to the pair he can develop their game and shown the pair that Tottenham can compete for trophies and titles.

Playing at Wembley is a pull for any player so a season of it and then a magnificent new stadium gives further reason to stay where they are. Both have expressed a desire to stay publicly, both are happy and with a group of young friends. Both also have a feeling for the club that made them England regulars.

Moving offers no guarantees. There is no guarantee of a starting slot, no guarantee they will get on with the coach or like his methods, no guarantee the pair could carry out his instructions or play in the manner which he would like.

Yes they would get more money, but money for top footballers is only a consideration if all other desires are met. Anyone who has taken teacher training or a coaching course should be able to tell you about a hierarchy of needs being met. The need for the pair to move simply isn't there at the moment.

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