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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tielemans interview gives insight into Janssen problems


Young Anderlecht midfielder Youri Tielemans is a wanted man and Tottenham are just one of a host of clubs chasing his signature, clubs from all over Europe such as Everton, Southampton, Manchester United, Monaco, Lyon and Atl├ętico Madrid.

While many of our fans think it is just a question of offering more money and a player will sign, that simply isn't the case, a player has to do what is best for their career, not what is best for Tottenham Hotspur.

On RTBF radio show La Tribune he points out that playing time each week is more important than sitting on a bench, thus he is likely to go to a club that can offer regular football.

“It’s what’s best to progress step by step. What Mark says, it’s good to not burn steps and to avoid ending up on the bench and not getting game time. It’s what’s best for every footballer, I think. I, however, don’t have a preference league wise”.

In another interview with Flemish newspaper Het Belang van Limburg, he talks about the new found confidence his teammates have in him which has helped his game improve.

“I think this season I have taken a step forward. There is more regularity in my game and I’m important to the team. My teammates have confidence in me and give me the ball more often to make the game. Therefore, I also get good statistics.”

The point he makes about his teammates having more confidence in him and therefore giving him the ball more is an area we don't think about too often. It must affect a new signing and indeed at Tottenham, we have seen players not passing to Roberto Soldado when he had goalscoring opportunities, but instead take a different option.

Does the same happen to Vincent Janssen as a result? We certainly don't seem to create many opportunities for him, whereas we do for other players. Do our wide men choose to stop and play the ball inside instead to try and manufacture a shot from central? Have the players unwittingly not have helped him as much as they could?

Janssen certainly receives the ball with his back to goal, there is great confidence he can hold a ball up. He always shows great enthusiasm and energy when he comes on and at the weekend he won free-kick after free-kick and played the perfect running the clock down role.

That and his improvement in training, mean that he'll now get more opportunity according to Pochettino. Will scoring a goal from open play give his teammates more confidence in him?

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  1. Balance, think Vincent needs to work on his balance. Looks flat footed too often, maybe a ballet coach over the summer...

  2. Tielemans,makes a valid point, I really do believe more talented up and coming players should consider the importance of actual game time. But a balance is required, furthermore signings such as Dele Alli has proven that if you are good enough you will get game time. Janssen,never expected to start often, but he took the chance to develop and I think that was the key factor in him joining Spurs, the opportunity to really stretch himself to develop and grow as a young striker. In truth he was fast out growing Dutch football and needed another challenge. I'm not surprised it could take a full season for him to settle and we may not see the fruit of our purchase until next season. This is another factor young players (with the right work rate and attitude) should be afforded time to adjust I'm confident Janssen will come good, he has that drive and hunger kane had, just needs the time for it to be harnessed. And the Spurs manager and back room staff coaches et all are a perfect suit for him.


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