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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

There is a role for Barkley at Spurs


Why do fans always think that when you are looking to buy a player he must be replacing a first team player, that isn't always the case. It may be that a club is just strengthening the depth of its squad and that a squad player will be the one replaced.

That is certainly the case at Tottenham with the interest in 23-year-old (24 in December) Everton attacking midfielder Ross Barkley. He will be entering the last year of his contract in the summer so unless he signs a new one then the Toffees will have to cash in before he leaves on a free transfer.

He holds all the cards and has time on his side. The young talent has stagnated at Everton and the great potential he showed as a teenager has not been realised. Everton are not going to be able to give him UEFA Champions League football and he will surely now look to progress his career before it is too late.

Everton fans won't like that, but that's the fact of the matter, they simply aren't a big enough club to hold on to players for long. They are a stepping stone club for players to prove their worth and then move on to someone bigger who can offer more opportunity.

The question is, does Ross Barkley have any ambition? He should have left before now when Manchester United were circling, staying hasn't advanced his career at all. We are clearly very keen on him and he fits the profile of player we are looking for, young with potential to improve.

Whether he will choose Spurs only he knows but he can't help but be impressed by what Mauricio Pochettino has done plus the fact that he trusts youth. Barkley has loads of Premier League experience, another plus and will be cheaper than his full market value because of only having a year remaining.

Anyone who purchases him has an instant increase in his value when he signs on the dotted line and collects his signing bonus. Everton were wanting to sign Moussa Sissoko last summer so no doubt a deal involving him will be discussed at some stage.

If you look at how we have changed the formation of the team this season we have Eriksen and Alli behind Kane. In the wings, we have Son Heung-min and nobody else at the moment. Lamela has done a disappearing act this season, Sissoko has been a disaster, N'Koudou isn't first team standard yet, so there is a spot for Barkley to alternate with the pair.

We still need a backup for Kane who will also fire in the goals. One piece of the jigsaw at a time.

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  1. Of course he'll be a great addition. He certainly can't do worse with us (for the type of money we expect to spend) than Sissoko, Paulinho, and to a lesser extent Soldado, Jannsen, and our very own new 'Sicknote', Lamela. I think he'd get on great with the England boys we've got, and he'd see himself (as we'd see him) as a very important squad member at an ambitious club. So yes .. a vital addition, if we could get him, and moreso than Zaha or Isco. And while we're at it more Nkoudous or Nyjes please. A total waste of over £20m right there too. We need more pace on the flanks, yes, but we have our wingbacks (come back quick Rosie) so it gives us time to make the right choices for next season. I still think Jannsen can come good, and if Son ever gets his football brain in gear, then he can be the next real revelation, and step up to world class level.

  2. I’m sorry guys but I don’t understand why we would want to sign Barkley at a cost of £30m or so if he’s going to bench-warm for most matches.
    He’s not that high in the Squawka MF rankings this season (22nd) so I fail to see how he would add value.
    We don’t need players ‘to come good under Poch’, that’s what the Academy is for.
    We need a player(s) who can immediately add value to the squad, the type of player who can change the course of the game if need be.

    1. With 1 year left on his contract he isn't going to cost £30m.

  3. i think if we had Barkley would it disrupt Winks progress in the team ?

    1. I think they play totally different positions and wouldn't affect him at all. Winks plays the Dembele role from a defensive position, Barkley plays further forward in an Eriksen or Alli role.

    2. Precisely. I see Winks as long term successor to Dembele.

  4. Transfermarkt have him valued at £19M Clive. Perhaps if he could be purchased for less than that then maybe there is some value there for us. The £30m tag seems to be what the press thinks he's worth but hey, what do they know.

  5. If his fee is low , his wage demand will be high and we won't get near what others will offer.
    He will probably end up at City and get 1 game in 3. Stay there for 2 years and end up at Sunderland or Newcastle as so many others do. He won't evaluate the situation and think he will still be second choice, which he would be if we signed him.
    I'm not saying I wouldn't like him at Spurs and I think Poch could really improve him but there is a reason he's not doing much at Everton now and it's not down to the managers.



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