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Friday, 17 March 2017

Spurs no worried about Pochettino at all

Pochettino staying at Spurs

Clubcall have come out with some complete rubbish this morning claiming Tottenham are going to 'fight tooth and nail' to keep hold of Argentinian manager Mauricio Pochettino.

This is simply a misrepresentation of the facts. Why would a club hierarchy worry about something they already know isn't going to happen? As any self respecting Spurs fan knows, there is no fight, there is no chance of him leaving, he has already turned down Manchester United and his links with Espanyol prevent him from managing Barcelona, who like their managers to have a tie with the club. Real Madrid are not changing their manager, neither are Bayern Munich or Juventus so there aren't any suitible opportunities available, even if he was considering leaving, which he isn't, something he has said in press conferences already.

PSG are not interested and Pochettino wouldn't go there anyway, unless he was out of a job. He is in the highest profile football league in the world in a country where football is a way of life, in France it is just another sport that the majority of the population are not interested in.

They claim interest is causing Spurs a worry, it isn't. Pochettino has an excellent relationship with the players and the fact that they are all signing new long-term contracts tells you that Pochettino is staying long-term. Players will have asked the future of their boss and club captain Hugo Lloris  has gone public with the fact he'll remain as long as Pochettino is here. Both have signed contracts.

The future is one with Pochettino for Spurs.

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  1. Exactly!

    I'm not even sure any of the clubs you mention are more suited to him than we are. With Poch it really is all about the 'project' - I believe that, other Spurs fans need to get with it IMHO, and if the media can't get with, well, afaiac it just shows how myopic their thinking is. With us, he has had three years to nurture his project without a clamour for immediate trophies. But at the same time, we have a top training centre, a top youth set-up, and, soon, a top​ stadium to add to our exciting young squad - along with the glamour of a fallen but rising member of the former Big Five. He has spoken before about his desire to build a dynasty like Fergie at United. He is at the right club for it - all the other clubs mentioned would be more likely to demand immediate success and reach for the eject button at the slightest hint of disappointment. In fact, I don't even believe he would have left Southampton if he hadn't felt betrayed. I certainly don't believe the whole narrative that he just wanted a bigger club.



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