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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Slowing the game down made for a tense victory, Kane takes the mickey


The pre-game article picked out Christian Eriksen as the important player today and he certainly didn't disappoint. scoring the first after a sweet Spurs move and playing some sublime through balls.

Pre-game article: Stats show the importance of Eriksen today

The first half was ours and we looked in control of the game at 2-0 but they scored a sloppy early goal that we should have cleared and we started playing at a slower pace. It is in that mode when we pass to keep the ball rather than create quickly that we often struggle.

When you are playing with intensity, it is easy to maintain it, but when you slow down it is very difficult to regain intensity when the opposition score or simply that you need to up your own game. It is no good a few upping their intensity as it has to come from all to be effective. Mentally if you are in amble around mode and play the easy possession pass then you are in the wrong mindset to apply any intense pressure to the opposition.

We suffered from that in the second half which allowed Southampton more possession and meant we always had to be on our toes defensively. A sloppy pass here and there and we are under pressure we don't need to be under.

Fortunately Shame Long kept straying offside, at least according to the officials and we kept the threat at bay for the most part, but it is living on a knife edge. Harry Kane saw the funny side with his tweet.

Yes boys!! Great result! Good victory before the break! I much prefer being on the pitch then watching it! đŸ˜”

The win maintains us in second place ten points behind Chelsea and now nine above Arsenal, who have sunk to sixth place behind Manchester United.

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1 comment:

  1. First Half
    Great goal Christian…keep ‘em coming…
    Victor W lacked ball control
    Too many ‘airballs’ from us…
    Second half
    Would have liked to see Winksey & Vincent J a bit earlier…
    AprĂšs Ski
    Given that S'ton managed only 3 shots on target...good job defense.
    Deli back to the circus again and mostly facing the wrong way…give ’im a slap Poch…
    Post script
    How many more times…Sonny is not a ‘go to’ player…he feeds off disruption and oppo. mistakes…



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