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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Sissoko - My future is at Spurs


There has been plenty of speculation about summer signing Moussa Sissoko who hasn't impressed the Spurs faithful and has been told by Mauricio Pochettino that he must improve if he wants to be a part of the team.

We play him out of position on the wide right and swap him over wings during games. I have long said it takes players time to adapt because of the fitness levels required and the style of our play. Some take longer than others, some can't adapt.

Will the former Newcastle United man be sold in the summer, the fans might think so but Sissoko suggests he wants to stay at Tottenham in an interview with beIN Sport:

“My future is at Tottenham and I am trying to give my best here. It is my first season and I am trying to learn because it is a new style of football, a new team and a style of play that is completely different to what I had in the past.”

I see some are reporting this as a blow to AC Milan, but it reality it doesn't make a blind bit of difference to them. We are still in a season and no player is going to suddenly turn around and say he doesn't want to be here. It is just PR to say I'm committed and want to achieve success here, Vincent Janssen basically said the same thing recently.

AC Milan are not the club they once were. They were the top club in Italy, but Juventus have taken that mantle and AC Milan have simply been a mid-table club. Although they have new owners with ambition, they can only really offer a project and regular football, if selected.

The can't currently offer UEFA Champions League football, they were last in the competition in 2013/14 so there is a league Sissoko knows, a wage and a level of football he won't get in Italy.

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  1. Probably Spurs worst signing of all time. Nothing more to say on it.

    1. Not sure there's too much to back that up. If we sell him soon we've lost very little - perhaps nothing. It's his first season, and that's with no pre-season, which is more important at Spurs than almost all other clubs.

      If you consider the progress made by other recent signings at Spurs under MP there's still hope left he can improve to a level that reflects what he was bought for. Clearly he hasn't reached even near that level yet, but there's very little danger he'll cost us much unless he really turns on the performances - in which case I doubt we'll mind stumping up the full £30 mil.

      Obviously, the other point to make is that Lamela looked to be in a very similar position before coming good. Albeit before having horrible luck with injuries and personal life that scuppered him - at least for now.

      Who knows how Sissoko will turn out in the end? One thing's for sure though - He won't have been a great disaster because of the conditions in the purchase contract that ensures we don't pay if he doesn't perform.


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