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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Showing intent or not showing intent


I despair when people don't understand what goes into transferring players and you would expect websites not to fall into the usual journalists claptrap of signing a player being an indication of intent.

Are these people not aware that it is not compulsory for a player to join Tottenham Hotspur if we express an interest?

A player and his agent choose what is best for them, not what is best for us. They do not simply say yes we will join Tottenham because they are offering more money than anyone else. We sign players young and they are far more interested in their own development and progressing their careers. It is far easier to win trophies at major sides abroad that it is in the Premier League. Spain is a two team league, Germany is a one team league, France is a one team league and Italy is a one team league.

The Premier League isn't, the same side doesn't win it every year, so going abroad or staying abroad, you have more chance of picking up a trophy.

Then of course there is the selling club who can put whatever fanciful price on a player they choose. Moussa Sissoko shows you shouldn't just pay any price, although fortunately we structured that deal so we pay less if we sell him before the end of his initial contract. Most clubs are not going to accept such a deal for a highly rated youngster, they would want a guaranteed amount.

That Pochettino needs to strengthen the squad is a given, but to suggest signing one player over another signals intent is complete garbage, did signing Dele Alli show the type of intent these people write about? He has achieved more in such a short space of time than anyone expected, he was only going to get cameo roles in his first season to ease him into Premier League football, that went out the window almost immediately.

Just because Dele Alli succeeded, doesn't mean everyone else will, especially coming from abroad with no experience of our game, Clinton N'jie and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou show that.

Signing the right players for our system, whatever their cost, is a signal of intent, not signing a player because they are highly thought of and have a big price tag.

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