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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Pep, we have heard it all before


We have heard it a thousand time before and it has come to nothing, yes I'm talking about managers suggesting they are confident of signing a certain player. This time it is Pep Guardiola and Spanish international midfield player Isco, who hasn't even decided if he is leaving Real Madrid yet.

That decision will be made at the end of the season when he sees what games he has played in and how importantly Zinidine Zidane rates him. He could still yet play in a UEFA Champions League final.

The major clubs all around Europe want him which makes our chances of securing him slim. While his current wages are not a problem some sides could simply throw £100,000 at him and offer almost guaranteed Champions League football with very strong chances of wining league titles, domestic and European trophies.

We will plug away trying to sign him, Pochettino will no doubt make more phone calls to try and persuade him. If we are left frustrated the foolish will blame Daniel levy of course for not simply throwing money at a problem that isn't going to be solved by money.

If we can sell him the idea of being the father to our youngsters or of being the player that makes the difference then we have a chance, otherwise it is trophies that will dictate where he goes, if he goes.

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  1. Well he's not getting a lot of game time...I shall keep everything crossed for his arrival chez nous.
    p.s. poetic license under review....

  2. I am one of those people that thinks that Levy mis-spends money, it's not I think that he doesn't spend enough, he does (in my opinion) it's just that he spends it in all the wrong ways i.e. so many managers hired and fired and the compensation he paid each of them which would amount to singing a Ronaldo or a Bale at minimum, there's also the dross that he likes to sign in place of good signings that we really need (can anyone really argue that Janssen is a better signing than a Batshuayi or an Aubamayang- both could have been had for similar amounts of money to Janssen if Levy had singed early enough)

    I'm not advocating that we get rid of Levy, better the devil you know and all that (a bit like Arsenal and Wenger) and I do acknowledge the good that he has done at the club but I do think that his control and decision making abilities should be restrained so our manager doesn't end up with a bargain basement version of the player he wants.

    Is Isco coming? We won't see him at our club, far too many other clubs with better prospects (by prospects I mean prospects for wages, no matter what players say now days if a club offers 50,000 a week and the guarantee of silver ware versus another club offering 100,000 with no guarantee of anything except wages, the wages always wins) showing interest and most of those clubs can out pay us in dramatically- if he is really interested in game time and winning silverware I think he would go to Bayern Munich, can't (usually) get a better chance of winning silverware than playing for Bayern in such a one sided league!

    1. Problems with your thesis:

      1 you imagine that hiring 'the right' manager is an easy process. It isn't! It has led to us signing Poch - who looks like he 'might' actually be the right manager. Apparently Levy and Lewis did an incredible amount of digging, right to the rustic heart of Argentina, allegedly. Maybe you should give him some credit for that, rather than continuing to complain about a few appointments that did fit a template and could have worked. They only look doomed to success in hindsight. Try looking at it this way, the sixth best financed club in the BPL, the least well financed of the top six by a long way, has finished fifth or higher in six of the last seven seasons. If we finish in the top four this season, as I believe we will, it will be the fourth top four finish in eight seasons. With an incredibly low net spend! Not bad when you consider that the chairman has been floundering with his managerial appointments. For those who were around to remember, and I was, United appointed a series of would be Messiahs before hitting on Ferguson. He was close to being ditched for lack of success. And before appointing him, he very nearly joined us - until his wife kyboshed the deal because she didn't want to move to London.

      2 It is funny how Levy gets the blame for all the transfers - apart from the good ones. The club has a transfer committee, and he is just a part of it. None of us know exactly what happens on it - we hear rumours, some second hand mud-slinging and self-service justifications from ex employees (for which see AVG). None seems to want to whinge about Levy in the same breath as talking about the signing of Dele. It is a fact that Sissoko was specifically targeted by Poch, and not just last summer. Janssen could still be hit or miss. With Batsuayi it really does depend on who listen to. According to one version, the deal was virtually agreed and then his camp began making fresh demands - Levy's fault? Something similar happened with Martial - and who can blame them? They got double off United to what we had basically agreed to pay. Batsuayi has been nothing more than functional at Chelsea.

      Still, you could always commiserate yourself with the fact that we are second in the league with a great young squad - Levy nothwithstanding!

  3. Do you research we have moved on as we refused to meet his inflated wage demands in the summer window. It was very well reported in Spain he was willing to come to us but was demanding to much even the Spanish press used the word inflated wage demand

    1. Did not read those articles, quite curious indeed. Do you perchance still have the links to those stories, thanks.



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