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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Mourinho waiting on Alderweireld contract talks

Toby Alderweireld is deep in negotiation with Spurs, or at least his representatives are and they want parity with Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris on a reported £100,000-a-week.

It demonstrates the advance of the club and demonstrates, however much fans hate it, that the club has to be successful off the pitch to be able to afford the salaries to be successful on the pitch.

Naturally a new stadium is going to help with that, greater exposure is going to help, the NFL tie up, Tottenham being beamed into American homes is going to help as is Son Heung-min helping to widen our profile in Asia and especially South Korea.

We are more and more going to come under pressure to increase our wage bill, so we are under more and more pressure to increase our commercial revenue. This will all have been taken into account when working out the figures, the club will have known players will be asking for substantial increases, it is a question at the moment of keeping it all under control until the extra money starts rolling in.

UEFA Champions League qualification is central to that, it produces more revenue and increases our exposure thus giving greater opportunity for increased sponsorship deals. It is one of the reasons I was so against playing Harry Kane against Millwall, an injury could have jeopardised that. We wait to see whether it has.

Waiting in the wings in Jose Mourinho who would like to take Toby Alderweireld to Old Trafford according to numerous reports and will be able to offer him a greater salary than we can.

His distribution from the back with long balls is the best in the Premier League. He has averaged 6.9 accurate long balls per game, which puts him above everyone else.

We have seen that distribution pick out Dele Alli and that is in addition to his exemplary defending. His situation may not be a great concern but Spurs fans will still feel easier when the new contract is signed.

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1 comment:

  1. He's so consistent and reliable. He'd still be the best defender in the league even if he didn't have great passing range and wasn't a goal threat from corners.

    Signing Tobi to a long term deal should be a top priority at the club - I'm sure Ponch is treating is that way.


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