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Monday, 27 March 2017

Lamela could learn from Harry Winks


Emmanuel Adebayor was only interested in his pay packet and not in working hard, Younis Kaboul rebelled against hard work, Aaron Lennon did the same, Etienne Capoue did too. None thought Mauricio Pochettino's style would work, they rebelled against his philosophy and were isolated as a result. Their negativity was taken out of the group setting.

Erik Lamela didn't have the right attitude when he arrived and found it far harder than expected. He went into his shell before briefly emerging and going back into this season. Now he has rebelled because he isn't getting his own way.

Those type of players have no place at Spurs where commitment and a winning mentality to improve oneself each day, is paramount. Harry Winks has that mentality, just as before him Harry Kane showed it.

Winks has shown Pochettino that he can be trusted, whoever the opposition. The 21-year-old (22 next February) has trained hard, forced the boss to give him some cameo roles and impressed so much he gets brought on every week to give him experience and develop his game. He has been brought on in 18 games and started 2 in the Premier League. He has started games in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup and the League Cup.

Aidy Boothroyd's the EnglandUnder-21coach has him in the squad for the game against Denmark tonight. He was on the bench for the game against Italy on 10 November and played 65 minutes against France 4 days later. His second cap was against Germany on Friday, not for him an easy introduction against minnows.

“The manager has told us that there are opportunities there, as long as we keep performing for club and country and doing well, then the opportunity is there to take. 
“With someone like Gareth in charge, he likes young players and he's keen to bring us through and give us opportunities. You could see that the other night (in the senior game against Germany), we had a lot of young players playing and it's just down to us really, whether we perform at club level to get the call-up. 
“My next step is to take it game-by-game, whether that's for the Under-21s here or for Tottenham back at home. I'm quite young and all I can do is perform when I'm given the opportunities, I can't read the future and I can't say I should be here or I should be there.”

Harry Winks performs his role at Tottenham but still manages to catch the eye and that is all any youngster should be trying to do, Follow instructions while making your mark. Mr Lamela seems to ant things on his terms, not ours. 

My initial assessment of him seems to have been proven spot on, mentally weak. He is another player who if he had the mentality of Gareth Bale or Harry Kane or Harry Winks himself, would be playing for Barcelona or Real Madrid. As it is neither are interested in him, despite his skill.


  1. Everyone is different.Man management is a very important part of coach's duties.Getting players to perform to the best of their ability means treating each player accordingly.Once you have lost their trust you can forget it.If a coach loses a few players' trust then he has "lost the changing room" and it's bye bye coach.

  2. I have to admit that there have been times this season when I thought Poch was maybe getting too close to his players.
    But then I thought that allowance should be made for the passion that this guy has for the game and, not only that, but a South American passion to boot…metaphorically speaking of course!!!
    That said our coach/manager (still not sure which) clearly has a line which no player should dare to cross.
    Sicknote will be the latest victim to cross that line and, make no mistake, he (Lamela) is just another in a long line of players who have succumbed to their illusory superiority.
    “Seeds are plenty but gardeners are few”… hibberni
    p.s. ze merlot is working well ce soir…

  3. Where did you get this notion that "Lamela has rebelled because he isn't getting his way"? Please elaborate.

    1. Yesterday's Daily Mail article...last player to train on his own was Adebayor I believe.

  4. If he has genuinely been out since October with a minor hip injury then he should be sacked. Come on a minor hip injury? He has been to Argentina, nobody mentioned he needed surgery, he has been back to Roma no body mentioned he needed surgery, the only surgery this guy needs is the one to extract him from Spurs, we should cut him out of our club as soon as possible. His attitude stinks. We paid 30 million for potential and its never going to come at Tottenham because he (Lamela) doesn't like the roughy toughy of our Premiership, cut our losses and get rid of the waste of space.

  5. Replies
    1. yes he is injured its called workshy

  6. Lamela exemplified Pochettino's work ethic during the tail end of 14/15 & all of 15/16 season. He was the hardest working player & one of the few AM's that actually tracked back to defend continually pressuring the opposition & winning the ball back. If you didn't see that, you don't know much about the game. Yes he had trouble in his first season & a half but he arrived hurt & was playing through injury as he wanted to prove his worth. In hindsight, he should have sat out & done rehab. He's an important part of Spurs but if there is more going on, I'm not aware of it. Gone are the days of 'Arry telling the world everything that's going on from a car window. BTW, The Daily Mail is not referred as the "Fail" for nothing.

  7. I still think we should stick with him.
    I remember we were on the verge of selling an under performing Gareth Bale for peanuts, when all of a sudden he came good.

  8. What a load of BS. Jumping to conclusions without evidence.
    Authors of such nonsense have no credibility.



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