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Monday, 27 March 2017

Lamela could go for £8.66m


The recent unsurprising news that Erik Lamela has told friends he has played his last game for Spurs means stories of Inter Milan interest and interest from Roma and other Italian clubs will grow.

Right from the start he had the wrong mental attitude, a skilful player who worked hard on the pitch but really struggled to adapt his game. His mental weaknesses meant it was two years before we saw anything from him and we have only really had a seasons worth of decent football from him before a minor hip injury meant his weak mind took over once again.

At the moment he is in Argentina and Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport suggest that Inter Milan are ready to pounce. There are reports of a row between Lamela and the club which the Italians feel means they will be able to get the winger ion the cheap.

Lamela is under contract at Tottenham until 2018, which means a reduced fee with just a season remaining so the Italian newspaper suggest he could be bought for as little as £8.66 million (€10m - AUS$14.26m - US$10.86m).

Mauricio Pochettino has already been looking for replacements in a problem area fort Spurs.

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  1. He would not be missed he has not got what it takes to be a success in the Premiership .

  2. What a load of absolute sports psychology drivel. He was physically injured for almost his entire first season and has progressively improved since then, putting in a solid season last year and early this year prior to injury.
    Another attempt to use blinkered sport psychology to judge players abilities. So far its led you to say Danny Rose, Kyle Walker, Moussa Dembele, Chadli,Lamela and Son are all wooden ones because they lack the mental strength to be any good.
    Should just accept by now that jumping on the unpopular player narrative every five seconds as an excuse to talk a load of tripe about players not having the right mindset etc to ever be any good may be click bait but is ultimately detrimental to the club.

    1. I agree - absolute nonsense. Weak mind? Plays his heart out every game & can pick a match winning assist as well as Eriksen. Sunderland & Man City spring to mind. Why are we even bothering to read & reply to such drivel? The only reason Poch has to play Sissoko is because he does not have Lamela on the bench! COYS

  3. Yet another 'i knew' piece by the master of hindsight !!!

    However you need to do some better research as there is no way Lamela doesn't have the standard THFC clause in his contract i.e that the club have an option to extend it for a further 12 months.

    Which somewhat pisses on your fireworks.

  4. Never impressed by a guy who seemed to react more badly to the death of his dog than John Wick

  5. Lamela should have taken up ballet not football...
    Given the salary he earns he is a disgrace to the club...
    Complete waste of money (£29.9m)...
    Good riddance...

  6. Lamela could go for 8.66 million quid? There's a two word answer for that kind of drivel. Daniel Levy! If anyone thinks that Levy will sell Lamela for less than 20 mill, good luck!!!

  7. I'd pay 10 million just to get rid of the waste of space. Yes he might be able to score the odd spectacular goal, but give me a Harry Winks and his attitude rather than 10 Lamela's with his attitude. I have never spoken badly of any Spurs player in the 60 years of supporting them, and believe me I have watch some donkeys, but this guy is the pits, and needs to go.

  8. He said he wouldn't play again this season, not that he'd played his last game ever.



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