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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Everton bigger than Spurs, stop the laughter is hurting my sides

The Liverpool Echo are living in fantasy land it seems, suggesting Spurs fans will be 'even more' upset over a potential new stadium for Everton. The truth is Spurs fans couldn't give a monkey' about any new Everton ground, we simply aren't interested.

Laughingly they suggest a debate rages as to who is the bigger club, well that debate only rages in Merseyside, in London we know the answer, a look at the Premier League table over the last 10 years will tell you that and a look at each clubs income will tell you that too.

They seem to think Everton getting a new ground will solve the argument they are having with themselves, perhaps they have forgotten we are already building a new stadium, one of the finest and most advanced in Europe.

Their delusion continues when they suggest Everton have a chance of grabbing a UEFA Champions League place, in truth they have virtually no chance, mathematically they do and that is about it. In reality they have no chance.

Whoever penned the article needs to have a rethink. They suggest that is you use history as a rule as to which is the bigger club then put forward the fact Everton have more recently won certain trophies. Make your mind up, you are going to use history or you are not, how many times have Everton done the double? Have they won the FA Cup as a non-league side, were they the first British side to win a major European trophy, were they the first side to bring superstar foreign players to Britain.

Everton have followed in footsteps first imprinted by Spurs. They have only ever managed to win one European trophy, Spurs have won three.

Ask any player in Europe who is the bigger club and they will say Tottenham, ask an ambitious player who they would rather join and they would say Tottenham, Everton are merely a stepping stone club who don't even compete European football each season. When was the last time Everton were in the Champions League? We could go on but what's the point, Merseysiders can pretend all they like.

The truth is Everton are a top of the rest team, the big six are in a league of their own and then come Everton as the best of the rest.

The paper suggests Manchester City building a new stadium was the catalyst for success, utter rubbish, the money poured in by the mega-rich owners was the catalyst, the same as at Chelsea. That only demonstrates how they are twisting the facts in an attempt to delude the public.

Sorry we are not that gullible down south.

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  1. Everton 9 league titles, Spurs 2. You are a good cup side...

  2. Did a 5 year old write this? Utter garbage

  3. Spot on,even Koeman has said,Everton want to be where Spurs are.

  4. Wow, I think both sides can say they have achieved this or that. If I'm not wrong this article seems to be based on something from the Liverpool Echo website or Facebook page. Its honestly fair to say that a lot of Everton supporters dont like the Echos Facebook page posts and a lot of times are having a go at them for posting ridiculous topics not based on truth. Its apparently to do with them wanting to get Facebook likes or revenue from adverts. They dont speak for a lot of us Evertonians. Talk of us getting into the Champions league this season havent come from Koeman but they may have come from the Liverpool Echo to get people to click on their stories.
    Koeman has said he wants to get us into the champions league but he has left us under no illusion that our team has been weak defensively.

    1. You seem to have a good manager in Koeman and are on the way up, let's hope you get into the Europa league because Everton are a club most fans like. It will take a bit of building to get into the Champions League and you'll have to keep Lukaku, but surely he will want it quicker than Everton can get it. That is the dilemma he faces.

  5. Spot on,even Koeman has said,Everton want to be where Spurs are.

  6. Are you losing 5-0 to Liverpool in that concept art of your new stadium?

  7. I really like Tottenham's side but am not convinced they belong in that six as a club . Not based on much really just that thing of them never really being a serious consideration in the near 50 years I've been watching the game . Some good teams and more good individuals but not a serious thing . All that can change if they were to ever win the League and of course if Leicester can then so can Spurs. My concern for Tottenham is I think Everton will bridge the gap in them more readily than they will on Chelsea and that this conversation will seem a whole lot more relevant this time next year

  8. Tottenham/Everton fans - grow up.

  9. Spurs are currently a better team but Everton are clearly a bigger club overall. No argument on that one.

  10. Portsmouth have also won the title twice.
    There as big as spurs....ha ha

  11. If you read the article it says that on history everton are the bigger club but if you go by recent years tottenham are and that the next few years will decide how these clubs are seen for a generation. Also if it wasn't for city having the new stadium they Wouldn't have been bought as that was the reason they picked city over the likes of everton who they seriously considered but the fact that anew stadium needed built aswell as investment inthe squad put them off

  12. As an Evertonian, reading this article this morning has given me a big smile. Have a good day in school tomorrow mate.

  13. Everton have won more, but do they have as big a national/international fanbase? Is their club run as well? It's only until recently that Moyes had to run the squad on a shoestring budget. When's the last time they finished above us? Not for 8 years or so.

  14. My friend Jimmy gets more pocket money than me but I'm taller than him. Who is the biggest?

  15. This is a bit silly really, Spurs have done well recently and have built a fantastic young side, have a top class manager and have stuck to a several year long plan all of which they deserve applause for.

    They are a bit further along than Everton who have just got a good manager, building a new stadium and crucially a billionaire owner (your conveniently ignoring that little one). Everton are definitely in transition right now, but the future for them looks very bright.

    You actually sound bitter about a regional piece, who always write biased garbage, you need to grow up a bit and enjoy Spurs rather than frothing at the mouth and writing combative rubbish.

  16. You ok there mate? Most sane people would count success on how many times they've out performed their peers. Everton 9 league titles, Spurs 2 league titles.

    Mate you're perennial shithouses. You finished third in a two horse race last season. That's Spurs.



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