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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Edwards needs time to develop at Spurs, a way to go yet


Many fans go overboard about a youngster who is highly thought of and many were shouting for Marcus Edwards to play in the FA Cup quarter-final against Millwall. He is a young talent yes, but isn't near first team football yet. As an example of that, he wasn't in the England Under-21 squad, he was in the England Under-19 squad.

The slight 18-year-old (19 in December) wasn't selected to play against Spain and remained on the substitutes bench. He played against the weaker Belarus, a game England won 5-1 at the St. George's Park National Football Centre, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. The Spurs prospect scored one and had a further two assists, but the quality of the opposition must be factored in.

Youngsters have to be brought along, they have to train with the first team to break mental barriers. They start training with people they look up to and have to train on equal terms. They can't be in awe, they have to develop their game and be accepted in their own right.

I remember reports of DeAndre Yedlin when he started training with the squad. Apparently, he was miles away from the standard required, his technical ability just wasn't good enough.  That is then a mental barrier for others, they could see every day he wasn't good enough so if he were picked that is then in their minds and that is a factor. that could affect their own game.

Belgian youngster Youri Tielemans puts his improved form this season down to his teammates trusting him more, accepting his ability and passing him the ball more often as a result.

Edwards is a talent in the making, but let's not go overboard and start shouting for first team selection just yet.

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  1. that may be so but he is 18 and I was expecting him to be good enough by now to have made an impression on the first team this season. Dele was less than year older than him when he scored his first goal for us last year. We're not talking about just another kid from the academy, we're talking about the best academy prospect for years and he should be compared with Dele. Based on the hype and from what we've all seen, it's not unreasonable to expect Marcus to be where Dele was at his age and lets not forget that at 18 Dele played Man United off the park in an FA Cup match. Injury aside, this has to be seen as a disappointing season for Marcus where he hasn't progressed enough.

    1. I totally agree.....he was great in the pre season games held in Australia and I was totally expecting him to at the worst be a regular on the bench for the first team.

    2. Different strokes for different folks, not everyone develops at the same rate. Plus if there is one person in world football I would like handling his development at the moment it would be Poch so I'm certainly not going to start questioning his judgement.


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