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Monday, 20 March 2017

Claude Puel was watching a different game

I'm not sure what game Southampton Claude Puel was watching but he is pulling the wool over the eyes of Southampton fans if he feels they deserved something out of the game.

It isn't how you look in midfield or how you defend, it is about what you create than determines whether you deserve something and if you don't create much you don't deserve much. End product is all that matters, endeavour has to create chances, skill has to create chances, if it doesn't it's useless. Run around ad look good but please don't confuse that with deserving something Mr Puel.

"I think it was a good performance without a good result. It was a strange first-half because we have taken two goals without pressure from the opponent. It was difficult at half-time to come back into the dressing room having let in two goals."

For all their possession in the second half, Southampton created nothing of note, they were gifted a goal through a defensive error. They had 3 shots on target in 90 minutes and Hugo Lloris only had to make 2 saves. Those statistics tell a different one from Claude Puel version, I'm afraid he is using misdirection to hide the lack of creativity.

In the first half Son was one-on one with the keeper thanks to a superb through ball from Eriksen and for the first goal his touch simply took him away from the defender to set up the shooting opportunity.

The penalty was won, yet commentators and sumarisers all said it was a penalty, in today's game it was.

When Liverpool finished second in the Premier League they were winning games in the first half and controlling them in the second. That is hat we did yesterday, we had the game won at half-time and prevented Southampton having clear cut chances in the second. As Martin Keown described it on the BBC, it was a professional performance.

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  1. not sure what game you were watching and as a saints fan yes i feel it was pretty even. yes i thought a draw was a fair reflection on the game.

    1. yep i agree i thought your team 2nd half gave us a lot of problems i was very glad when the final whistle went C.O.Y.S

  2. I believe he has already explained it well enough - you didn't create enough chances. Spurs could have been 4 up at half time - that's not a Spurs view, it was general consensus based on chance creation. And Spurs continued to work good positions and create chances in the second half, even though Southampton 'generally' looked better. Ultimately, games are won on the balance within teams - it certainly dictates league position. And Tottenham have one of the best balanced teams in the league. In this instance, that was demonstrated by the defence containing Southampton's attack. Do you really believe it is a coincidence that Southampton didn't create very much, even when they had the upper hand, against the best defence in the league? When Spurs had the upper hand they created chances - I felt they were a little profligate, actually - and therein lies the difference.

  3. S'ton's scoring % (along with MANU strangely enough) is the one of the worst in the EPL. Your scoring rate (Goals for/SoTarget) is only 24.4%
    (EPL average 33.0%) and therein lies your problem.
    Puel can blather on about lack of pressure from us but in the end it's goals that count. We had 6 SOT as opposed S'ton's 3 so 2-1 looks to be a fair reflection of the game.



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