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Sunday, 12 March 2017

A risk we shouldn't have taken

Kane shouldn't have been playing

Harry Kane suffered the injury in the fifth minute at White Hart Lane

Well you know me, as a coach I look for the positives and highlight areas that need improvement. On this occasion team selection was one of the areas of concern.

Before the game I questioned whether Harry Kane should be playing because of the risk of injury and sure enough after just 7 minutes he is injured. We now face a terrible wait to see the extent of the damage.

No disrespect to Millwall, but we were playing a side two divisions below us when we are the best team in the Premier League at home. Playing a lower league side means you may be subjected to more robust challenges, you increase the chances of a mistimed tackle and sure enough it was as the result of a tackle that Kane is injured.

To play him in such a game was madness in my view. It was an ideal chance to throw Vincent Janssen into the fray, surely we would have had enough quality around him to still win the game. As it was he grabbed a goal from open play when he came on anyway.

It was a risk we didn't need to take and shouldn't have done.

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  1. We could have started a second XI and lost. it could have been Dele or Jan or Toby or Sonny injured. Did you notice the fans were singing Vincent Jansenn, he's one of own after he scored? Just maybe he'll kick on and make us proud.

  2. Given Millwall said before the game they were going to play it tough, it is hard to argue, however, if we had dropped him then all teams would threaten that.

  3. I watched Poch as HK moved past the bench into the tunnel…he (Poch) was less than pleased.
    What a great show of support from the fans…can’t wait to hear them in the new stadium.
    What a pleasure to witness goals of quality today (and last week).
    What a great team performance…keep ‘em at it Poch!

  4. Kane wasn't carrying any kind of injury so far as I know.
    It was an unfortunate accident.
    It wasn't the result of a bad challenge.
    It could have happened at any time and in any game.
    As a team and as a club we really need to start pushing for silverware.
    That isn't likely to come about in the league.
    That leaves the FA Cup.
    We had to play a strong team.
    Really, that means Kane I'm afraid.
    Failure to do so could have led to elimination.

    No amount of being wise after the (totally unpredictable) event will change this.

    1. Talked about it before the event in an article, not after the event. We could easily have played a strong team without Kane, he is simply too important to have risked against a League One side.

  5. For once I must say your article is nonsense. You play the best team, make sure you have command of the game and then take your best players off. This could have happened in training. An unfortunate accident and perhaps as said above maybe Janssen will push on now.

    1. It is a squad game these day and in such circumstances we could have protected him fir the semi-final and the Premier League, we didn't and may now have blown our season and any chance of silverware as a result.

      We could have beaten Millwall without him, if we couldn't then there is something seriously wrong with our squad.



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