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Sunday, 5 March 2017

4 points ahead of Liverpool 6 ahead of Arsenal


Another victory at home for us as we maintain our status as the best team in the Premier League at home, being as we are the only undefeated side.

For the most part it was a comfortable routine win against a side who struggled with our high press and we should have won by more. Every quality team looks to constantly improve, they look to see what they could have done better.

We were totally dominant after a wonderful goal out of nothing from Harry Kane and should have put ourselves at least 2-0 up before half-time. Once again we were not clinical enough in front of goal.

In the second half their keeper rolled the ball to former Tottenham target Morgan Schneiderlin who perhaps dallied on the ball. However, I would like to highlight the work on Mousa Dembele. It was he who rushed to close down Schneiderlin who simply passed the buck and put his teammate in trouble for Dele Alli to poke the ball into the path of Harry Kane. He made no mistake to make it 2-0 and later missed a golden opportunity to get yet another hat-tick when one-on-one with the goalkeeper.

He seemed a little indecisive, just as Spurs fell into the trap of playing safe and trying to simply see the game out. Jan Vertonghen slipped over when back peddling and it is 2-1 with 10 minutes to play. We score a third from Dele Alli having the awareness to make a run and substitute Harry Winks to see and play the perfect pass from the free-kick.

Again we let our concentration slip thinking we had won the game and suddenly from nothing it is 3-2, a simple unmarked tap-in. Concentration can still be an issue for us at times and switching off like this has cost us dear in the past.

The win was thoroughly deserved and maintain our second place in the table, which we will retain even if Manchester City beat Sunderland. Another game out of the way, four points above Liverpool, six above Arsenal and a run of games against teams in the bottom half. Now is the time to capitalize on that and put real pressure on the rest.

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  1. Nah, Spurs doesn't impress at all. Without Kane you'det be struggling to make the top half. Only Spurs are happy to translate a rather narrow win att home against a hopelessly lacklustre Everton to evidence you are as good team. A side who cannot get past Genk should display a bit more humility.

    1. What you have to ask yourself Matrix Man is why Everton were , in your words, "hopelessly lacklustre"......

    2. martinmarx you are a TOSSA

    3. As daft comments go, yours is right up there

  2. I guess Everton’s second goal will be a ‘discussion’ point when Poch reviews the game.
    Other than that I was more than impressed with our application and focus which we applied to our game throughout the match.
    There were some passes that went astray in the first half but that aside &, perhaps an unusual lapse in concentration towards the end, my confidence in the outcome grew as the game progressed.
    Hugo’s distribution was noticeably improved, I think because he allowed his defence those extra few seconds to slot into place…football is a game with rhythm and playing out from the back needs to be in sync.
    Do we have a little gem in Winksy…you bet we do.
    Lastly I would like to focus on Jan Vertonghen who is, IMHO, demonstrating what it takes to move to the next level. I can remember when he first arrived…didn’t like to be exposed by his fullback, didn’t relish the one on one.
    Now we have player who exudes confidence in his ability to defend and has been encouraged to make those forays forward into the space left by the opposition as they close up their lines.

  3. The Genk match was a bad result, but given Spurs dominated with 10 men who is to say they would not have won without the sending off.

    However, the fact is Spurs have only lost 3 league games all season. Nobody has lost fewer games. Spurs are also the only team to beat Chelsea in the premier since they started there run. Of course Spurs rely a lot on Kane, every team that has an outstanding player does.

    How many goals would Chelsea score without Costa? Look how ordinary Arsenal were without Sanchez against Liverpool. Look how dependent Man Utd are on goals from Ibarhamavich? Look how Man City struggle defensively without Kompany. Therefore, your point is meaningless because all top teams have special players who are hard to replace, that is why they are special. Also apart from Kane they also have Ali 12 goals, Son scored another 7 etc, etc.

    Part of being a fan is to dream about what might happen. Spurs have the 6th biggest squad and are fighting above their weight in money. Hence any success in the top 4 is fantastic and we have every right to celebrate!!

  4. Copied from the Liverpool Echo.....Mauricio Pochettino has compiled a beast of a side who play in a way which makes facing them, when they are at full pelt, the stuff of living nightmares.........COYS



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