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Saturday, 11 March 2017

4 players not leaving and striker news

The Daily Express suggest in a headline that Mauricio Pochettino could lose four players this summer and then gives the story one line as an aside. The four players in question are Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Danny Rose and Kyle Walker, none of whom has any intention of leaving. It is an insult to your intelligence to suggest they might.

The Football Insider website, who love a misleading or sensationalist headline, have taken part of the article to suggest Anthony Martial and Wilfried Zaha are summer targets to replace Erik Lamela because his absence has highlighted a lack of depth, perhaps they haven't noticed we are second in the Premier League and a tie against Millwall away from an FA Cup semi-final, hardly a failure of a season.

Marcus Edwards has been learning his craft with the first team this season, when not injured and he will be joined by striker Kazaiah Sterling or 'wonderkid' as Football Insider go overboard again to describe him.

At his pre-game press conference Mauricio Pochettino once again reminded reporters that the best talent will stay at Tottenhem to learn good habits rather than go out on loan and learn bad habits.

“I prefer to have our young players here and offer them the chance to be first-team players than send them out on loan. One example is Kazaiah Sterling. 
“Next season he will be here and it means every day there is a young striker training with Harry Kane. There is no better teacher to learn from.”

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