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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

343 playing days missed, who do we swap the liability for?

Time for the show pony to return to Italy

I can't believe so many people are making excuses for him, winners don't make excuses, they accept responsibility and knuckle down. We have had too many shirkers in the past and players who disappear when it gets tough.

Lamela has shown himself to be another one, mind you, he showed that in his first two years here. An interesting comment from Calciomercato suggests that Italian and Spanish culture is more suited to South Americans than England, there may be something in that with Argentinian Lamela 'homesick' for Italy after a very short period.
"You don't get better on the days you feel like going. You get better on the days you don't want to go but go anyway. If you can overcome the negative energy coming from your tired body or unmotivated mind, you will grow and become better." 
George St-Pierre

He is a Canadian mixed martial artist and a three-time former Welterweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I use his quote to show the level of commitment it takes to get to the top of a sport.

Erik Lamela has missed 342 days* of his Spurs career injured or awol. Not calendar days, they are days the season is active. *and counting

Erik Lamela or dilemma? Now five months since he last played & he has been paid £1.25m+ in wages? Time to move him on.

if poch told the truth about lamela it would invite negative vibes it's all to do with modern management

. report that a scan on Erik Lamela's hip has indicated there is no issue.

Should we entertain a swap deal with Inter Milan for 24-year-old (25 in November) box-to-box midfielder Marcelo Brozović? He can play in a variety of midfield positions, could he play in a wide role or as an attacking midfielder, secondary striker role?

I'm not sure the Croatian international is quite what we need and Lamela can be used as bait for a number of players, however, the clubs he would want to go to would be limited. We couldn't use him as bait for Sassuolo striker Domenico Berardi for instance, Sassuolo couldn't afford Lamela.

Inter and AC Milan have money, if the Chinese takeover is eventually finalised, Roma want him, Juventus and Napoli, that's about it.

Which player from those clubs do we want?

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  1. I trust Poch knows what he wants. Sad about Sissko not working out.

    There were times that I really enjoyed watching Lamela play, cheeky on the field as well, a bit like Dele Ali. I suspect if they sell Sissko and Lamela this summer there should be enough in the coffers to take a gamble on another rising talent.

  2. I have replied to the scurrilous comment by 'SP SP' in the 'Lamela removed from the first team squad post'.
    For those interested Mousa Dembele missed 35 days & 8 games with his hip injury and not most of the season as suggested by SP SP!

  3. THFC have announced that Erik is to undergo surgery on his hip hence he will not play any further part in the first team this season.
    This would suggest that the degradation of the hip joint is advanced.
    I must therefore acknowledge that my previous opinion of his situation was incorrect and wish him a speedy recovery and return to the first team.
    However I find it incredible that the medical team at THFC could not have reached this decision earlier and avoided much of the speculation both in the press and on our blogs.

  4. Ok guys the Merlot is kicking in again….
    The more I think about it there is no earthly reason why the staff at THFC would want to delay the return to fitness of a senior player.
    Therefore I have to deduce that Erik’s wishes have been the reason for said delay.
    I do not intend to speculate on the whys and wherefores.
    My mother, in her early eighties, underwent a hip replacement and was up and about after two weeks.
    I look forward to seeing Erik taking part in our next pre-season campaign.

  5. You really think Erik Lamela wants to stay injured? I suppose some people are more susceptible to conspiracy theories.

    This injury fiasco really doesn't make any sense at all. I don't think anyone can disagree with that. But before you go blaming the player, ask yourself: Why doesn't it make any sense?

    Short answer: The club's communications about the injury have been terrible. They've never provided a clear picture of what's going on, and refused to estimate a timeline for his return.

    Next question to ask yourself: Why have the club's communications been terrible? Because the club have had absolutely no idea what is going on all along. They never understood the nature or extent of his injury or how to properly treat it.

    It was just announced that Lamela is now having surgery. That means that he is and has always been experiencing a legitimate medical problem. After all, you never have surgery for the sake of it. That decision raises some serious red flags for the club's medical team. Why didn't they get him into surgery sooner? Why did they keep trying to force him to recover for several months only to end up deciding he needs surgery to properly heal? They are medical professionals and should've figured that out months ago!

    It's not Lamela's fault that the club's medical team have no idea what they're doing. Based on the latest reports, he even went out of his way to be treated by Roma's medical team because he was sick of trying to recover without improvement.

    1. well you can't blame the medical team for that, I think it was figured out months ago but surgery is the last option for a person to do, first you get treatment if the treatment doesn't work then you'll go for surgery, and Lamela was training alone i think.
      For Lamela articles calling him weak mentally, I think Lamela is not weak metally he is just sensetive that's why he didn't adapt to English life for first two seasons his mind was focused on Italy and how he misses the life there, as employer i want you to perform well as you are in the group, however when Poch came he made life easier for Lamela and challenged him last season as motivation and warning "that's my opinion" that's wy he shone last season. All that are just assumptions so it mihgt be right or wrong.

    2. I guess that if we have a medical team that 'has no idea what they're doing' then we can expect to see Daniel wielding the axe very soon can't we?



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