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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

£15 million

Two interesting tweets recently, one from former midfield maestro Ossie Ardiles and the other from Football365 editor Daniel Storey.

Congratulations to MP and the boys at .Now a little bit of rest for some. Very welcome. ...Better and better. COYS

Players in starting XI this weekend costing more than £15m: Man City - 9 Man United - 7 Chelsea - 7 Liverpool - 4 Arsenal - 4 Tottenham - 1

When you consider we are second in the Premier League the statistics showing the number of players who cost more than £15 million and played during the last round of Premier League games is amazing.

Our chequebook fans who couldn't grasp that you can't spend what you can't afford, who never consider wages as part of a transfer deal, who simply ignore the restrictions of Financial Fair Play and have no interest in building long-term success, unless it arrives by accident, have been shown to be way off track by Mauricio Pochettino.

They will retort that we haven't won a trophy yet, but I'm sure they can't deny that we are closer, that the club is growing and that we have a team capable of winning something, if not a squad yet. At the moment it is a balancing act as our pieces grow. We have the first eleven but need the supporting staff to step up to the plate and now they have had a season training under Pochettino some of them should be better players next year.

The difficulty is how long you wait for them to mature. While you do they are affecting your overall performance and reducing your capacity to win trophies. Our squad hasn't been strong enough this season and we suffered for that in the UEFA Champions League, while we didn't take the UEFA Europa League seriously enough away from home.

We were protecting our Premier League position, but while Kane, Alderweireld and Vertonghen were injured we were only good enough for fifth place. We picked up when the three were back in the team together.

That tells us we need reinforcements and players with ambition will not wait for that to happen, they will want it now, nxt season so this summer is a critical time for our transfer committee. The purchases we make had better be better than some of the purchases we have made on the recommendation of Paul Mitchell, who, in hindsight, wasn't all he was cracked up to be at a higher level and didn't produce the goods.

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1 comment:

  1. No surprise the author hasn't revealed their name, if I wrote that crap, I wouldn't either!
    The second paragraph demonstrates this perfectly, £70m spent last summer, and only £10m of which has contributed to the first team this season.
    £60m that could have been one or two quality players, who could have made a difference?
    If you need some one to help you do up your shoe laces, ask your mum!



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